A Letter To Santa, Now That I'm A Big Kid All Grown Up

A Letter To Santa, Now That I'm A Big Kid All Grown Up

From a college student who doesn't need that special iPod this Christmas.

Taylor Caponigro

As a kid, I wrote my letter to Santa with the utmost joy. I loved picking out my favorite Crayola and going to town on all the things I wanted to ask for Santa this year. I grew up and I became too old to care about writing to Santa. I wish I hadn't stopped because Santa knows no age limit.

A letter to you, Santa. I am sorry it's been so long.

Dear Santa,

Hey big man! I didn't leave out any reindeer food for Rudolph this year because in college the professors don't let you make your own reindeer food during school. So, my apologies that there's a carrot on the front porch.

On a good note, there are plenty of cookies, so help yourself.

Thanks again for that Polly Pocket you got me and listen, my first laptop did not last me all the way till college, but it sure does have some of the funniest doodles from the paint application. I think the best toy you ever got me was my first iPod.

I sure do remember about rolling over crying after opening all my presents to find that with one more left this may or may not be the best Christmas of all. You never fail me, so of course, that was the best Christmas of all.

I know I haven't written in a while, and I am sorry that I ever thought I was too cool for the big man. This year, I am kind of boring and don't have much on my list. My letter now is not to ask for toys or send you a list hoping you fulfill my desires.

This letter is to say thank you for all the blessings I have received this year.

On Christmas, there are so many gifts to open, but the greatest gift of all has been a year filled with love and memories. Surely, no present can top that. So be extra sweet to all the kids this year because I already had my big Christmas when I received my special iPod. Now it's another kids turn! Merry Christmas, Santa!

Love always,

A wannabe elf (hire me I need a job)

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