I know you're growing up, but I'm so glad you still think having me as a babysitter is cool. I've known you since you were itty-bitty babies, and I loved you then but I love you so much more now. Watching you grow up has been one of my biggest blessings and I'm so thankful to be your babysitter. Before I become 'uncool' and you grow up, here are some things that I want you to know.

I'm super duper proud of you.

I love watching you grow up and learn new things. Never give up on your dreams and always strive to be the best person you can be. I know that you can be the best astronaut, teacher, doctor, scientist, nurse, or fashion designer there ever was if you put your mind to it. You may fail or make mistakes along the way, but get back up, learn from it, and try again. No dream is ever too big, and I can't wait to watch all your dreams come true.

I'll always be here for you.

I'd be more than happy to just sit on the couch with you all day and watch "SpongeBob" or "Trolls" while eating all the junk food and Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets in the world. When times get hard and you just need a hug or someone to talk to, I hope you know that I will always be here for you.

I'll always be your best friend.

We have the best adventures, and I will never forget how much fun we always have. You push me to do things that I don't want to do or that I'm scared to do and you're holding my hand the whole time. I'm so thankful for the bond and friendship we have. No matter how old we get, I know you will always be my best friend.

I love you to the moon and back.

Nothing compares to when you look at me with your sweet face and tell me that you love me while giving me the biggest hug. You make it all worth getting up at 6:30 when I see your smiling face peeking through the window at 7:30 in the morning. Always remember, no matter how old you get, You'll always be my besties.