I once was told by a very intelligent man, one of my creators: in life, you have to expect that change is the only thing you can count on. I thought that was the most beautiful thing I ever heard because change is so beautiful.

You have to hope that one day you'll change, for the better, I hope. In 2017, boy did things change. I'm leaving behind the person I was, the person I loved because that girl will only continue to grow in 2018.

I'm leaving behind the depression. I'm leaving behind the nights curled up in my bed, crying and not knowing why. I am leaving behind that girl who hurt because this one will not hurt anymore.

I'm leaving behind the guilt. I'm leaving behind the feeling of sorrow for doing something I should've because I'm done feeling guilty for bettering myself.

I am embracing the natural beauty and done covering up each flaw with an expensive bronzer. I am done pretending someone I'm not.

I will take off the skin 2017 coated with to become someone brand new because change is beautiful.

I will not let the new me hurt like I let you. I will not let the words of people bruise my skin like it did you. I will not pretend that I am someone else like I did you.

I will embrace the new me, finally.

You have taught me great lessons that I will grow from. You have helped me become a better me, and showed me that it's only up from here. You have empowered me and loved me as much as you could.

And you have warmed my heart and let me know that now I will have to go, and better myself more.

You have lost things you once loved but, only made me stronger to gain something I love more this year. You have taught me how to be strong not only for other people but for yourself.

"All change is hard as first, messy in the middle and so beautiful at the end."