Dear Future Brother-in-Law,

I am still in shock that in about a few more days you will officially be married to my sister. I honestly cannot believe it, but I am so glad that she chose to spend her entire life with you. I am just happy that she is finally happy. I am happy that she is ready for such a big commitment with yourself because I know how in love she is with you. I know when she hears your name, her eyes get bigger and her smile shines through.

I know that she is ready, that she is ready to go all in, forever. Now my question is, are you ready? Are you ready to have all of her, all of this, because I know she has been ready since the first day she met you? I know she loves all of you, all of your flaws, and all I ask is that you give you're all. That you give as much as you can give. That the relationship is always a 50/50. I know there may be rough patches in relationships and I understand sometimes you can't stand each other, but please promise me that through all the ups and downs you will always be there for her.

Please never disappoint her; please never leave her life. She has had plenty of men in her life that have traveled and have drifted in her life, in a flash. Please promise me that "death do us part," will really mean what it says. Please be there for her when myself, or my family cannot. Right now, we are across the country and the only person my sister has to turn to is, yourself. Please be there for her.

Please promise me that if she is ever feeling down you will go get ice-cream with her and get her red roses to make her smile again. I know I may be asking a lot from you, but I want my sister to stay, forever happy with you. I want this marriage that you are about to forgo to be her first and her last. She has seen my mom go through two, crazy divorces and I would hate to ever see that, especially from you two.

Please promise me that even at her worse, you will be right there standing by her side making her laugh. If you have to, call her Princess because I know she loves that, especially when you call her that (:! Promise me that you will listen, hear, and understand her. Please promise me that you will never knock her down. Promise me that you will always bring her up, never degrade her, never disrespect her. Promise me you will be her knight in shinning armor.

Eventually after the wedding you guys will want to settle down. You both want children in the near future and I know you guys will make amazing parents. But please promise me that she won't be the only parent doing all the work. Promise me that you will be in the children's lives as much as she is. Please promise me that when you have children that you guys will still go on dates and still love one another as much as you did without children.

Lastly, promise me that you will forever be a family and that you will constantly love one another will all you have. Promise me that you're ready for this big commitment and will forever be with my sister. Promise me when life gets hard that you will lean on her and vice versa. And promise me that she will be the first and last person you will think of before going to bed.

I'm excited for my sister's and yours journey together and I wish both of you the best! I am so happy that you will be part of our family in a short few days and I can't wait to be apart of a life-changing experience.