Dear Trevor,

I know I tease you a bit (okay, a lot), but that's pretty much my job as your big sister. Even when I'm a crazy 80-year-old lady who should probably be in a nursing home but is too stubborn to go, I'm going to tease you. And it's no secret that we don't get along all the time; honestly, I don't believe any siblings get along with each other 100 percent of the time. But I just want to let you know just how unbelievably happy and proud I am to call you my little brother.

For only being 15 years old, you're pretty damn bright. I mean, just look at you on your eighth-grade graduation (yes, I know you were 14 when you graduated, but you get my point; just go with it):

You were Valedictorian of your class, and, trust me, I was so incredibly proud as dad came marching into the house with you announcing the news. I always knew you were smart; I'd been bragging about it to anyone who'd listen to me, and you started proving it your very first day of school. Come to the end of eighth grade, those smarts paid off in the biggest way.

Now you're a freshman in high school, and you're already kicking ass. Your very first high school show and you've been cast as Chef Louis in Wallkill's production of The Little Mermaid this spring. You texted me the news, and I swear, I've never gotten on Facebook faster to share the announcement with my friends. I just know you're going to be amazing!

And let's not forget how you're basically taking all honors classes this year, and you're totally crushing it! If it's stressing you out, you don't seem to be showing it; you're completely on top of all your work and you're always bringing home amazing grades (not that that's new for you). I won't lie though, I miss you while I'm at college. Believe me, I'd love to be there to celebrate all your accomplishments as you accomplish them. But you and I both know that every time I come home to visit, you're getting a huge hug whether you want one or not. And I'm always just a text or FaceTime call away if you ever need to reach me.

You're going to do great things, Trevor; you've definitely already started to prove that. I really could not be happier to tell people I'm your sister. I love you.


Your ridiculously proud big sister

P.S. You can thank me later for not including the video of you playing Gingy in Ziegler's production of Shrek