A Thank You Letter To My Favorite Grocery Store, Publix

A Thank You Letter To My Favorite Grocery Store, Publix

No grocery store will ever compare, to my personal favorite.

Dear Publix,

There are many reasons I am thankful for you. You never seem to let me down when it comes to grocery shopping – and for that, I am forever grateful. Your employees are always so polite, and never seem to get irritated when I bring in my rather large, Scout bag to place my groceries in because you know – I am all about saving the earth, one plastic bag at a time. Each week, I always log on to your website and look at your weekly deals to plan for the weekly, Monday night shopping trip.

You always seem to have the best BOGO deal — those are well worth the trip for a college gal, like me. Each week, I get excited when I see the BOGO deals on mini muffins, ketchup and bags of Hershey kisses. My cabinet in the kitchen is almost always overflowing with goodies — because those deals are just too good to pass up!

I am also especially thankful for your clean aisles and welcoming environment. Thank you for your delicious bakery items and freshly baked bread, every day. It never fails, your bakery employees are always there to help me with my cupcake selection and ensure that my sub rolls are the freshest of the batch.

I am also so incredibly thankful for the yogurt and cheese selection. The number of flavors and kinds of yogurts always makes me happy! Also, I could never thank you enough for supplying my favorite strawberry yogurt snack cups with mini M&M’s. Those are my favorite – and I can’t seem to find them anywhere else!

To say the least, I am incredibly thankful for your fast check-out lines with the politest employees who always offer to help me to the car with my groceries – even when I only purchase a small bag of salad. Your selection of goods is impeccable and I am forever grateful to have one of you – located less than 10 minutes away from my home!


A Particular College Student who typically dislikes grocery shopping

Cover Image Credit: Albert Herring

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Cute Clothes That Don't Fit

Bodies aren't made for the clothes, clothes are made for the bodies.

Being a girl is so much fun when it comes to cute clothes and getting dressed up or looking nice. Girls love compliments and feeling good about themselves, but sometimes finding the right outfit can be difficult.

There are so many stores like Francesca's or Dress Up that go from size extra small to large, and even then the clothes might fit too tight or snug. I know certain stores don't order larger sizes for in-store purchases, but customers can go online and buy clothes that may fit them.

It is really difficult for girls who aren't very small, or what the idea of "skinny" is, to find cute clothes that don't make them feel enormous or uncomfortable. Women come in so many different shapes and sizes and the clothes that are available to us are almost desgined to fit one figure or one type of person.

Personally, I hate going shopping and trying on clothes because I know that the clothes I like won't fit me so I don't even want to try.

Of course, there are stores out there that will fit the larger woman, but most of the time the clothes aren't as cute as the extra small shirt in the adorable boutique around the corner or makes a girl feel as beautiful as their smaller friends that can easily buy something fashionable in these certain stores.

Bodies aren't made for the clothes, the clothes are made for the bodies and I wish stores and designers cared more about people who don't fit into the stereotypical small, medium or large.

There are so many beautiful outfits out there and it makes me so angry that I am turned away from certain stores because clothes simply run up to a large. It's unfair to larger women and women who have larger breasts or anything else that may set them apart from the smaller sized women seen shopping in the boutiques.

It's difficult going shopping with friends who are smaller than me. They can easily walk into a store and find something that will look great on them and fit them and it might take me four or five stores before I can even fit a shirt over my left boob, even if it is a large.

Finding the right outfit causes me so much stress and I just wish there were more stores like Old Navy, Gap or Target that made young women like me feel confident in my own skin.

Cover Image Credit: Alex Russell

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Everyone Is Stuck On Stickers

Stickers have become a new form of personal expression among students.

Need a new way to showcase your interests? Or maybe just a way to promote the organizations you are a part of? If this is the case, go walk around a college campus, and you will soon see laptops and water bottles covered in stickers. This sticker fad has become a social norm among many students across the country, and these stickers are often used to display students’ interests and involvement. From a desire to travel, to a quote from their latest Netflix binge, students cover their laptops and water bottles with different pop culture references and symbols.

Redbubble is one of the most popular websites students use to find different types of stickers. This site claims that their stickers are waterproof, and can last up to 18 months of outdoor use due to them being made of vinyl instead of paper. One Tumbler user decided to review these Redbubble stickers, testing them up against soap and water, probably a smart idea considering students are using them on water bottles. These stickers stood up against different factors and were still able to stick to materials.

One of the best things about these stickers is their ability to attract conversation. Looking around a public area, you can find individuals who share similar interests to your own. They provide a great ice breaker that can allow you to make friends and find others who are involved with similar organizations. Popular sticker themes are

  • student organizations (ie. Dance Marathon and Greek life)
  • anything Disney
  • puns, puns, and more puns
  • political stances
  • school pride
  • Vine references
  • song lyrics
  • cute animals
  • Memes

Here are some examples or inspiration for all of your sticker needs from college students! These stickers are basically tattoos for your laptop, without the lifetime commitment!

Ella Class of '21

Her favorite sticker is the "I'm sorry I was taking a nap" because she naps all of the time. If she wakes up with any missed texts her response is always 'sorry, I was taking a nap'.

Nichole Class of '21

Kayla Class of '20

Her favorite sticker is the 'Explore' sticker in the middle. She thinks it is important to explore the world in an effort to better understand yourself.

Sophie Class of '21

Natalie Class of '21

Kate Class of '20

Her favorite sticker is the one about books because reading helps her escape to new worlds. Books have been there for her when people in her life were not.

Sara Class of '21

Anna Class of '21

Zoe Class of '21

When asked about her favorite sticker, Zoe responded with "As a whole, I chose to put these on my laptop because every sticker represents who I am as a person and I wanted people to be able to get a feel of what type of a person I was by my stickers. I have a Harry Potter one because I'm an HP nerd my 2 more equal rights stickers to show that I am for equality and peace, the oh whale to show I have a cute girly side the planets because who goes to Purdue and doesn't have something space related."

Addie Class of '21

Jasmine Class of '21

When asked about her favorite sticker, Jasmine replied, "my favorite sticker is the top right rose one bc the rose is the flower of my sorority so it reminds me of my sisterhood and the "oh la la" describes the amount of sass I throw on the daily."

Luke Class of '21

Ben Class of '21

When asked about his favorite, Ben chose the Cubs sticker. His reasoning was, "I've been a fan my whole life, and they are a big part of why I like baseball".

Sarah Class of '21

Cover Image Credit: Alex Chabot

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