Dear Kodi and Monti,

I'm so happy that I chose each of you to share my life with. You don't understand how happy I am every time I get to see you both! You both are so different from each other, yet, both bring happiness to my life.

I remember picking each of you out! Kodi, you were pawing from the cage at Animal Control, pawing to get out, pawing for my attention. That's when I knew I had to get you! You were so cute and sweet! I couldn't resist. My mom wasn't sure at first because we were just there to look, but then she fell in love with you and before you knew it we took you home!

Now, we didn't have anything for you because, well, we didn't know we would even get a cat. My mom left to go to the store to get you food and a litter box while I stayed home to get you acquainted. I remember you were roaming around the house, getting into things. So my friend Lukas and I tried to keep you in the kitchen, so we built a wall. But you didn't take no for an answer. You jumped right over our wall and roamed around. And still today, you are one sassy kitten! You are ten years old, 70 years old in cat years and are still rocking out! Although you are quiet and keep to yourself, you know how to leave your mark in a room.

And then after nine years came little Monti, a kitten you weren't expecting to have around the house. Although you weren't sure how to react with a baby kitten in the house, you seemed to become acquainted just fine.

Now Monti, I remember picking you out just a year ago and you are now 1 years old, 7 years old in cat years. I made my mom believe that Kodi needed a companion. And well, I got what I wanted. I remember you because you were so hyper and so energetic. I remember you fell asleep on me at Animal Control and that's when I knew I had to have you. You are so lovable, talkative, and the sweetest kitten! Once we took you home we had to be around you 24/7. You love being around people, chatting, cuddling, and giving kisses. You don't like to be alone and after a week, I knew it was time for you to meet Kodi. You and Kodi are like Ying and Yang, both opposites, but like brother and sister.

I remember how scared I was when I introduced you, Kodi, to Monti. I wasn't sure how you would react. At first, you hissed at him and didn't like the idea, but after awhile you came around. And now you guys like each others company, or so, I'd like to think so.

Now I'm sorry if I take too many pictures of each of you or if I cuddle both of you to death at times, but I love each of you so much! There are days when I'm just having a rough day, but when I see you both, I get in a better mood! I'm so thankful every day that I have you both in my life. I may be a crazy cat lady, but I wouldn't want to be a crazy cat lady without each of you!