Dear Friend Who Holds Different Greek Letters,

When we first met each other freshman year, it was before we were both initiated into our respected sororities. You seemed like a relatively weird person so I thought we’d get along splendidly. Thanks to our majors and our membership in the same program we saw each other more frequently. Our friendship started to blossom with each passing awkward text message. Before we knew it, spring semester of our freshman year was rapidly approaching. During this time, I figured that our friendship would reach a hiatus. Although we were part of the same program, once we rushed different sororities I thought our bond would grow weak, causing it to eventually break. I had heard and seen it happen before. Heck, it did end up happening with other people I was friends with, but not you.

I’m going to be honest here: when I first started to get to know you, I judged you based on which sorority you were in. Hey, I’m not perfect and I’ve grown since freshman year. I thought that you couldn’t possibly want to be friends with me because you were too cool to hang out with me. (If you ever mention that I thought you were cool I will deny it to my grave). I thought you were going to fit the mold of every stereotype that I had heard and that our friendship would always be surface level. I am so glad that you proved me wrong.

You have been one of the most steadfast human beings in my life throughout these past four years at college. Because I’m super lame, I have a notes section on my phone of who my closest friends have been at the end of freshman, sophomore and junior year of college -- you have been on every list (don’t let it go to your head).

I am not friends with you because of your Greek letters. Rather, I am friends with you in spite of your Greek letters because I realized that a person's Greek letters do not define who they are. That’s the thing with Greek life; everyone thinks that each member of a sorority or fraternity has to be exactly the same, which is quite the opposite. I worried about joining a sorority because I didn’t want to loose friends that I had made prior to the experience. After joining, I realized that I was going to hold onto friendships that I wanted. You were one of those friendships. Although we sport different Greek letters on our spirit jerseys and hang out with completely different people, I know that come hell or high water you will always be there for me.

I know that I can call you at any time to annoy you with questions because you know I always have so many of them. I know that I can ask you obscure favors and, without hesitation, you’ll agree to help me. I know that I can be super needy and you’ll call me out when I don't return the favor. I know that I can always count on your to eat a whole bag of veggie sticks with me on a car ride and not regret one life decision. I know that I can always turn to you for advice about my latest boy endeavor and you can help me make the biggest deal out of the littlest thing. I know that you will always understand my sarcasm and would totally see the need to jump out a window after saying, “I love you.” Most importantly, after sharing a bed with me for four months you acknowledge the fact that I don’t sleep under my covers and accept me for who I am.

I could not care less if you were a Sigma, a Zeta, a Delta, etc. All I care about is who you are as a person. From what I’ve gathered throughout these past four years is that you’re pretty cool.


Your Sister From Another Sorority