To the best dog I've ever owned,

You left our lives as mysteriously as you entered it. You never begged for attention, even at the end of your life and I just wish I could have said goodbye.

You were the perfect family dog. As soon as you joined the family, you took care of the little ones at our house. My little sister would dress you up in her own clothes and you would not mind. She would climb on top of your back and you didn't even flinch. My brother would be minding his own business and you would put a paw on his lap, just to let him know you were there. You joined me during runs and stretches, even when you were growing old and tired.

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but those girls must not have met a dog like you. You came into my life when I was 13 and witnessed so many milestones. You were there when I left the house for my first date, you greeted me when I got home from school, and you comforted me when I was home sick. You politely asked to be let out in the middle of the night, speaking in a low bark, so as not to startle anyone, with one paw rested gingerly on the bed.

I had only met one person who was intimidated by you. You were not a very good guard dog (or a guard dog at all), but you greeted everyone with doggy smiles and happy barks. The scariest thing about you was your giant grin!

You were not always the calmest dog. For some unknown reason, you had several irrational fears; including doggie doors, chairs, water, and rakes. Giving you a bath outside was an absolute nightmare. You were never picky about your own food, but always skeptical about the human food you received. I can remember you staring at your dish with your ears up and head tilted as if the slice of steak was asking you a puzzling question.

The older you got the lazier you became. Tug-a-war was not particularly appealing to you and going on a run with you meant that half of it would be walked. If I jumped around to get you riled up your response was more often than not, a raised head and eyes that seemed to roll. I could just imagine what you were thinking: "This girl is making a fool out of herself. Doesn't she know I just want to be pet?" Some other dogs might have played more, but your relaxed personality was just what we needed in our loud, chaotic house.

You were unforgettable. I miss you now and I will continue to. You were the best dog I have ever owned. You were more than just a mutt that lived with me, you were a part of my family.

Thanks for brightening my life. You were always loyal and loving even when I was annoyed with you. You might not have been the best guard dog; you might have been a little lazy, but you were family. I love you!


Your owner and friend