This is the first headline of clown sightings I’ve read before getting into deep research about what all the talk was about. My jaw nearly hit the ground when I realized that Concord is a neighboring city of my hometown back in Northern California. When I heard about clown sightings, I merely thought this was just an early Halloween joke. But fast forward a month later, clown sightings are spreading throughout the nation.

Clown sightings over the past month have set an uproar of panic to many. Now we have another thing to be scared of at night, creepy clowns roaming through the streets. Clown sightings were first reported in South Carolina and have spread all over the world. Many are taking this as a joke, but it has now affected the livelihood of many.

Police stations are now pleading for attention seekers to stop dressing up as frightening clowns to scare people. Police officers are forced to take this situation seriously as it’s a potential threat to safety. Many have been dismissed as silly pranks by law enforcement, but there have been plenty of arrests in connection to the sightings.

Social media is also playing a big part of this hysteria, as many ‘killer clowns’ have threatened nearby schools in attempt to scare students. A 14-year-old student from California was arrested after threatening a middle and high school off of the Instagram page called ‘Fontana’s Killer Clowns’. Police informed the public that the student was trying to scare people as well as gain more followers. Many videos of clown sightings have surfaced on the internet, but many are blatantly obvious that they’re staged videos. Even then, this has caused more chatter allowing the joke to spread more and is probably the explanation for clown sightings to appear all over the world.

Professional clowns are also upset with the fever pitch that has everyone now terrified of clowns. The tagline ‘Clowns Lives Matter’ have caused some controversy over some of the bigger issues that are going on now. A former clown veteran expresses “my livelihood could be affected by the latest bout of clown impersonators scaring people but that’s nothing on the scale of the painful struggles being protested by Black Lives Matter, someone being shot or disliked because of the color of their skin”. News have also even reached Ronald McDonald who is now on break until the hysteria passes.

As this hoax is fueling panic nationwide, I predict it will only get worse until Halloween is finally over. Many schools are banning clown costumes for Halloween celebrations this year. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be out and about on Halloween night. This clown prank has gone too far and needs to stop. It is effecting the sanity of people all over the world, a joke that has gone too far now.

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