Let's Stop Pretending That Trump Deserves Our Sympathy
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Let's Stop Pretending That Trump Deserves Our Sympathy

The President deserves no sympathy from the American people because he is constantly shirking his duty as the leader of the nation.

Let's Stop Pretending That Trump Deserves Our Sympathy

To start, Kathy Griffin’s portrayal of her holding Donald Trump’s severed head was rather crass and tasteless. The image evokes historical imagery of women holding the heads of tyrants to indicate their regimes had ended. The kind of nuance needed to understand the allusion and intent of the piece is lost in the frenzy that is United States politics.

Trump inspires a strange cult of people around him, and Griffin’s take on Trump was tantamount to insulting their deity. Trump supporters wanted Griffin imprisoned or worse, and liberal media fell into the trap of allowing the right wing to pressure Griffin into apologizing. However, the First Amendment protects Griffin’s choices from prosecution, just as the First Amendment protects the people who choose to criticize her. President Trump weighed in on the matter via Twitter, and while it made sense for the President to comment, it reveals Trump’s own inability to lead and to take the office of President seriously.

As a private citizen, Donald Trump was the face of the birther movement. To briefly recap, a minority of the right wing population believed it was so impossible that a black person could ascend to the highest office in the land that they chose to believe a far-fetched conspiracy that insinuated that President Obama was Kenyan by birth and not an American citizen. Trump, being the person that he is, believed these theories wholeheartedly.

The birther movement was at its heart a racist movement that attempted to undermine President Obama’s power as President from the very beginning. Trump would not let these claims go until late in the 2016 election. The birther movement sprung Donald Trump from the namesake of gaudy property to political commentator.

On Twitter, Trump claimed that his young son had been traumatized by Griffin’s image when it was shown on TV. However, the hypocrisy of Trump becomes apparent when one considers the daughters of President Obama. For eight years, the Obamas likely had to deal with seeing images of their father being lynched or burned at a stake.

However, the key difference between Presidents Obama and Trump is that President Obama never dedicated his time to addressing every instance of racism action toward him. The Office of the President requires the total dedication of a person to the office, as the President is often considered to be the leader of the free world. It is a responsibility that cannot be ignored. Isolationism is a tactic that is no longer feasible in a world where one can communicate with someone from China while sitting in their room in the United States.

The Griffin scandal offered Trump cover for his announcement that he was pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a decision sure to set back the progress of combating climate change by years.

Trump’s choice to use his pulpit to talk about how Kathy Griffin hurt his feelings instead of detailing an actual, sensible reason for leaving the Paris Agreement reflects his own inability to lead, and instead further reinforces the idea that Trump ran for President to enrich himself and his family, and has no interest in running the country outside of his own.

The President deserves no sympathy from the American people because he is constantly shirking his duty as the leader of the nation. The healthcare policy of his party endangers the lives of over 20 million Americans, and his decision to leave the Paris Agreement endangers people all over the world. Instead of trying to live up to his campaign slogan, the only person Trump seeks to elevate to greatness is himself.

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