Dating. One word. So many different meanings.

The definition of dating is, "A stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage."

Now, we can all read that and have our own thoughts. However, me personally, I'm rolling my eyes behind my head.


Dating has changed drastically over the years. The word has multiple meanings and each individual defines their own. Some may think of a dinner date, some may think of a hookup, some may think of chatting online. No matter what your definition is, please remember the true dictionary definition.

Let's bring it back.

Whether you are sitting here thinking about your high school sweetheart, future wife, or parents, ask yourself what it means to you.

Back in the day, a man took a woman on a date to dinner, held her door, paid for her, and got her home in time of curfew. Dating was getting to know another human as a prospective partner. As the years went by, the definition kept changing.

Datings apps. Hookups. Hangouts. Friends with benefits.

Nowadays, if someone takes another person out to eat, it is seen as a "date." Which back then was completely normal, but fast forwarding to this moment, our society has categorized the word "date" and "dating" as a negative word.

I have heard many people around my college campus, diminish the word. It is very common for this generation to categorize this word with negativity.

Why is "dating" out of style?

The older generations view dating as the stepping stone into relationships, marriages, and friendships. Taking someone out to eat to better get to know them is a top dating tactic for the entire world. The generations viewing a dinner date as a commitment is very extreme. How can you really get to know someone at a party?

I question this generation because the values of women and men have changed due to this word changing. When the entire concept of dating changed, many people changed. People are viewing commitment and seriousness as a negative aspect of a relationship. However, many people valued that in a relationship in past years.

Hookups. Hookups have been around for years. They are most common in teen to young adult years. Many people feel that hookups do not deserve any effort, meaning dinner dates are out of the equation. This needs to change.

Dating around should occur with any sort of relationship any human being is trying to start. Dating should be the time you get to know someone. Whether you are becoming serious with the person or just keeping it casual, the point of dating is to get to know someone in a different way, seeing if they are suitable to be a partner.

How hard can it be?

With this one word that has many different meanings, we can find common ground.

Take someone out. Get to know them. Talk to them.

Dating can be as simple as a walk in town. Let's be the change of future generations. We can re-define dating, but we do not need to leave the word with no meaning.