I've sadly been the type of girl who would try to bring others down to feel better about myself. Trust me, it did absolutely nothing. You not only hurt other people for no reason but you hurt yourself in the process. If you have any soul at all, you'll feel awful about it. I felt so bad and it's not something I'm proud of but it's also something I won't hide.

I've learned that the more you hide about yourself, the more ashamed you start to feel. I have nothing in my life to be ashamed of.

I can promise you right now most college students have made questionable decisions that they probably regret. That's the thing, college is about making bad decisions, learning from them and then never repeating them. It's that simple.

Every single thing I've been through has made me stronger and for that I'm grateful. Some experiences are awful and you wish you could go back and change them but you can't. You cope. You cry, scream, break-down a little and pick yourself back up. You go on. You get stronger. Wiser.

You grow. I think the worst thing you can do is give up on bettering yourself and growing from these mistakes.

You can't change the past, that's just never going to happen.

You can't go back and fix everything but you can repent.

You can't change what someone did to you, but you can forgive them for your own sake.

Forgive but don't forget.

If you're feeling broken, it's okay. A lot of people feel like that sometimes, it doesn't make you an outcast. It makes you human.

It's okay to still not always be one-hundred percent happy and satisfied with yourself because really who ever is? We are all works in progress and we're never satisfied. That's the point of life, you continue to grow and move along towards your goals but you'll never be one-hundred percent satisfied. If you were, then what would be the point? There would be no goals to work towards, no motivation, ambition.

Life is complicated with all the constant twists and turns. You got to learn to live with your mistakes, learn from them and grow.