As "pumpkin spice season" is in full swing, I think it is important to remind people that it is okay to let other people enjoy things. Too many times have I caught people making fun of others for liking something or being passionate about something.

My favorite show of all time is "The Office." It was the first show I ever binge-watched back in middle school and, I know it sounds cliche, but it got me through some rough times. Now I'm in college and I still go back and re-watch episodes from time to time. I didn't think there was anything wrong with this until everyone on Twitter turned "The Office" into a basic show. People would belittle others' sense of humor if they like the show. I didn't really get it. It was a show? Are people not allowed to enjoy things?

This applies to so much more than just television shows though. People seem to not let anyone enjoy anything without pointing out what is wrong with it. You wear leggings to class? You're basic. You dress up for class? You're trying too hard. You like pumpkin spice? You're a basic white girl. You like video games? You're just trying to impress guys.

People are always looking for some sort of reasoning for others' actions. It's really easy though. Just let people like what they like. No one is hurting anyone by wearing leggings to class. You are not victimized by the fact that someone likes a certain movie.

Calling things people do "basic" is just the way other people try and validate themselves. They think that, by calling out the things other people do that they don't, they are announcing their individuality to the world. They are saying "look at all these people doing the thing; I'm not doing the thing therefore I'm original."

Sometimes we can't help it though. There are going to be times when you make an offhand comment about something "basic." The problem here isn't that you should NEVER do it, but that you should remember there is a difference between noticing when something is basic and belittling people for participating in it.

Constantly being made fun of for liking something can take a toll on a person. People are usually so excited to share their interests with others, especially those close with them. They'll go on for hours and hours about what they like. However, when people start picking apart their interests, they'll start talking about it less and less. Then they start to see what everyone else is saying about it. Then they start to lose interest in it themselves.

Letting people like what they like takes literally zero effort form you. All you have to do is shut up. Let people wear what they want and watch what they want. Let people read what they want and do what they want. No one is hurting you so there is no point in you hurting other people.