It's the most wonderful time of the year, as all the songs say! Christmas is always such a magical time to meet new people, enjoy the ones in your life, and a time to spend lots of money! When the snow starts to fall and you see that white sparkly blanket on the ground, you get even more excited. I honestly hate snow, but yet, I also love it! It is really pretty when you just look at how it decorates the trees and makes nature even more beautiful. Late night snow walks can become a thing once again, and you are able to just watch it keep falling from the sky. Maybe you try and catch the snowflakes with your tongue like you did when you were younger.

You get to go to all these Christmas parties, eat lots of cookies, and other things you have no idea even what they are supposed to be. I just recently decorated some cookies with some friends - boy was that a show. After they were hardly cooked, she almost dropped the whole tray of them while pulling them out of the oven. Plus, we were so indecisive in Walmart that we only got one color of frosting. All of our cookies were all one shape; circles, some squares were included, so I said, "Presents and ornaments - all red it is." It's really the little things that make you appreciate this time of year even more because I honestly had a blast making those crappy cookies, and they tasted good!

It's great that we are actually getting some snow, too. I already had a snow day from college. That's the best sleep ever; when you actually wake up for once to go to that 8 AM class, but then you get a text: ALL CLASSES CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER. Like, "YESSSSS, thank you snow" then fall right back to sleep.

Christmas means so much to so many people. For most, it's their favorite holiday. It surely is the prettiest sight to see if you're a parent and you see how happy your kids are really early Christmas morning, or just seeing all of your family together enjoying each other's company. No matter what, just be happy to have what you have, along with all the ones who are in your life right now, and make the best of every moment. Maybe even take some pictures to capture all these moment so you can look back at them! Just relax, eat some cookies, snuggle up and watch Christmas movies or listen to Christmas music, that's what I will be doing!