This Summer Has Taught me More About Life Than Any Other Summer

This Summer Has Taught me More About Life Than Any Other Summer

It won't do anything for me to worry about things I can't control either.


This summer has taught me a lot about myself while I've been home. I've had to get used to a new work schedule but I love it. That being said, I have still learned some things as I've been taking in my summer

I have learned that being present in the moment is good. It is so hard to put my phone done sometimes and just be in the moment with who I'm with. But I'm starting to realize that it's okay if I don't like the picture right away or I don't answer somebody back in a split second.

I have also learned to not sweat the small stuff. I tend to worry and overthink situations sometimes, so I think I have learned to just let it be. It won't do anything for me to worry about things I can't control either. I need to let life happen as its supposed to happen and things will fall into place.

I have learned that right now it's okay for me to figure out what and where I'm going in my life. I don't need to have everything figured out right now, there is still time for me to enjoy every moment I have. If the right person comes along eventually, he will just join me on this roller coaster called life.

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13 Summer Struggles Only Thick Girls Understand

Chafing. So much chafing.


Summer is a lovely time. A time of cookouts, swimming, and sunny weather. But if you're a " thick girl," summer sometimes brings more unpleasantries than it does for slimmer women. No matter how beautiful and confident you are in your body, it can bring some struggles.

1. The living hell that is shorts-shopping

Step 1: Find the biggest size the store has.

Step 2: (If you can even get those on): Realize your stomach is being squeezed into the top, your butt is falling out of the back and your thighs are having the life squished out of them.

Step 3: Realize why winter isn't so bad.

2. And dealing with them even after finding a pair that "fits"

Nothing like taking a pair of shorts home you remember fitting you okay in the store and then walking for 45 seconds and pulling them out of your butt or crotch 17 times. Truly a magical experience.

3. And every bathing suit you try on shows more skin than you'd planned

Even the most conservative bathing suit turns into cleavage-city and a non-cheeky set of bottoms turns into a thong. I promise, older people glaring at me in my sexual bathing suit, I didn't mean for this to happen!

4. Chafing. So much chafing.

No better feeling than four minutes into wearing short shorts realizing that your inner thighs are literally tearing themselves apart. Body Glide and baby powder are a thick girl's No. 1 necessity.

5. Loving rompers. Rompers not loving you.

Rompers are made with short and skinny girls in mind. Heaven forbid you're not short, and heaven forbid you're not skinny. Rompers are like a mystical article of clothing that, no matter what, always just barely doesn't fit.

6. Imagining wearing a sundress with a strapless bra and just laughing

Of course, not all thick girls are well-endowed in the boob department, but if you are, you understand how hilarious the thought of you wearing a strapless bra truly is.

7. And bralettes are a thing of fantasy

Once again, bralettes are designed for a very specific body type. One that I do not fall into.

8. Feeling like you need to constantly defend yourself for dressing like you want to

There are so many posts and tweets and just general ideals that people have that certain sized women can't wear certain clothing. You shouldn't feel the need to defend yourself for wearing a cute crop top or a bikini, but you will.

9. And always feeling looked at when you're rocking your swimsuit

Yes, I see your judging eyes, and yes, they are making me feel like shit. It doesn't matter how confident you are in your body, people looking at you like you just killed somebody just because you're wearing something typically made for smaller women doesn't make you feel good.

10. Did I mention chafing?

I just felt like something so horrible couldn't just be mentioned once.

11. Online shopping for cute summer outfits and then none of them fitting you correctly

There's always the dreaded "one-size-fits-all" for plus-size women. As if there's just one way to be plus-size. No matter how much they promise online that it'll fit well, it won't.

12. Seeing tiny girls complaining about losing their "summer bodies"

So many tweets talking about choosing food over a summer body. So many profile pictures of traditionally skinny women. I'm not saying that thick girls are the only ones who can complain about their summer bodies, and thick girls do not have a monopoly one not feeling confident in their bodies. But it is hard to see those posts knowing that those women would be glorified in their swimwear while you'd be gawked at.

13. The "you go girl!" comments on your oh-so-brave bikini photos

Compliments are nice, and positive comments while wearing a bikini go a long way. But the dreaded "you go girl" comment just seems so condescending. Just treat me like anyone else you'd see wearing a bikini. I promise, I'd like to feel like that.

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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do This Summer

Even though it's not summer yet, it's never too early to start planning.


Even though it's still cold outside, I am done with this winter. I can't wait to throw out my textbooks in exchange for sunglasses. Here are ten things I want to do over summer break, and maybe you can do them too!

1. Go to the beach

This is very basic for an item on a summer bucket list, but how can one not go to the beach? Soaking up sun rays and swimming in the ocean or lake is how summer should start.

2. Go hiking

Take a break from watching Netflix and explore the great outdoors. Hiking lets you view gorgeous places you wouldn't see if you sat inside. It's also active and a great way to exercise.

3. Go on a road trip

Take some friends, jump in a car, and drive. Turn up the music and let the worries you had during the school year wash away. Even if you only have a couple of free days, explore some areas you haven't been to before. You might find a new place to hang or a great place to eat.

4. Go to an amusement park

Ahh amusement park rides. They bring a lot of memories back from when I was a child, but I actually haven't gone on a roller coaster in a long while. Take a break from school or work and ride and relax by riding some crazy roller coasters and eating cotton candy.

5. Read a book

Chances are over the school year; you've probably only read books that were required for your classes. Head to the library and pick up a book. It's relaxing, and you'll get to read something you actually want to read.

6.  Have a BBQ

The warm weather makes it a great time to have a BBQ. What is summer without having some friends and family over, throwing some food on the grill and relax?

7. Try a new hobby

If you get bored during your summer break, look into finding a new hobby. Enroll in an art class to learn how to paint, or take up slack-lining. People tend to stick with what they know, but why not learn a new skill. You might find out you're really good at something. Personally, I really want to learn how to knit, and hope to learn how to make a hat this summer.

8. Go stargazing

If you're anything like me, the last time you truly looked at the sky at night, it was for your middle school astronomy homework. The universe is truly amazing, and stargazing in the summer could be a great date or an activity with your friends.

9. Go camping

Camping - you might love it or you might hate it. It seems like there are also a lot of people who say they hate camping, but have never gone camping. Before I went camping for the first time, I thought I would hate it, but it was actually a ton of fun. You can get away from the city and enjoy the wilderness, while goofing off with friends.

10. Have a bonfire

Since the weather is nice out, summer is the best time to have a bonfire. My favorite parts about bonfires are making s'mores and telling ghost stories.

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