Looking back at my childhood, I was never able to grasp what it means for a family to be divorced. When I was nine, my parents decided to split up, and I never understood it. My siblings and I lived with my mom, and we would spend the weekend with my dad once every two weeks. The topic of divorce is a delicate topic, and as a kid in my later childhood years, I had to adjust on my parents splitting up.

I do have to say that it was not easy to adjust, but my parents were supportive and understanding. The process of coping with divorce was not a simple walk in the park at times, but what made it easier was my parents' sympathy. As a child, whenever they would talk to us about this situation they made it clear that it was not our own fault, it was their own fault and mistake. It is hard to leave everything behind and have to move from one town to another, but my parents were always there for me which made a rough situation much better.

Some may think that there are perks of having divorce parents such as getting double birthday presents, and scoring double Christmas gifts or getting away with certain things in one household from another. However, as I grew older I realized how having to spend Christmas Eve with my dad, and the next day scrambling the next morning with my mom's family for Christmas is such a hassle. I often questioned why can't we all stay together for the holidays or for a special occasion. I never like having my entire life in a backpack, coming back from one household to another.

Despite all the negative effects divorce has on children, it is often a good reason why moms and dads split up. Whatever problems they do have it is a good thing for those problems to disappear when parents live in separate places. Divorce can teach children just like how it taught me on choosing what age to marry and to commit to a relationship or not. The topic of divorce also lets children see and learn from their parents' mistakes.

As a young adult who is still trying to understand the complicated process of divorce, I have a better understanding of what divorce is. This topic has made me more conscious of relationships and I cannot stress this enough that a child should not blame themselves for their parents' divorce.