It's getting close to the end of the semester, which means it's time to think back on everything you've done over the past few months. Every missed class, failed test, all-nighter, wild weekend, and all that late night eating you know you shouldn't have done is just a blurry memory at this point. Maybe you regret a lot of decisions made or maybe you really just don't give a sh*t, either way a lot has happened. You tend to forget the minor details and uneventful nights, but one thing that will definitely stick out in your reminiscing is all those "special" guys you got to know this year. You know, the ones that play a really major part of your life for a few weeks and then completely vanish, often times without reason. We all know one of those guys, maybe more if you're REALLY lucky! I've encountered my fair share and sure it has been rough at times, but I've actually learned a lot from them.

You hear it a lot but it's true, you can't beat yourself up over mistakes. Some guys seriously suck and sh*t happens. But the truth of the matter is, you can't dwell on it forever nor can you change the past, so the only option is to move on. If you never make mistakes, you'll never have anything to learn from; they should help you develop into a better person. Because of the mistakes I've made, I have managed to change the way I handle situations and I'm a lot happier now. Sure it takes a while to bounce back, I'm the queen on dwelling on things and wishing I could go back and change everything, but all that does is make you more upset about your situation. Regret won't change anything, so brush it off and keep moving forward.

Usually when things end with a guy, your friends will all tell you that it wasn't your fault and he's just a jerk. As easy as it is to believe that, it's probably not true. I used to love putting blame on other people, but I realized it takes two people to make a problem. Taking responsibility and admitting you might be at fault isn't easy, but when you come to terms with things, the whole situation seems to just dissolve. If you keep trying to point fingers and make him the bad guy, the problem just gets dragged out until it's more of an annoyance than anything else.

The most important thing I've learned is how ok it is to just be on your own. You don't need a guy to say and do all the right things to feel good about yourself. You should be able to love yourself on your own without anyone reassuring you. Guys know what to say to get a girl, and just because they say it doesn't mean it's genuine. Learn how to be your own person without worrying what some guy is going to think. There's something about floating through life independently that makes you feel strong and untouchable.

Looking back on the year, you'll notice that even though it flew by a lot happened and changed. I'm a string believer that everything happens for a reason and this year I learned a lot of lessons. I learned a lot about myself and even though sometimes things went terribly wrong I wouldn't change a thing.