7 Blessings You Experience When You're Blessed With A Nephew

7 Blessings You Experience When You're Blessed With A Nephew

You know you'll be his BAE: Best auntie ever.

For this weeks article, I was originally going to write a letter to my nephew. Upon reading my first few paragraphs I decided that I would give him the letter at a later date and would instead share some things I’ve learned from being blessed with a nephew.

First, your heart has more room for love than you think it does.

Family is very important to me. My friends and pets are also super important to me. I love them all so much, but having a little person enter my life who is so pure and innocent, is like realizing that you have a section of your heart that you’ve never used before.

Second, be sure you’re giving them the best possible examples.

I was going out with my nephew and his mom one day when someone cut me off on the road. A bad word slipped out of my mouth because for that split second I forgot my nephew was in the back seat. Thank God he was asleep and has no idea what auntie said!

Third, they’re smarter than you think.

My nephew likes to be a bit of a booger sometimes and will do something he knows he’s not supposed to. But, sometimes people think that he just doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong yet. For example, if you set something down on the table that he can’t have and he reaches for it, you tell him no. A few moments later he’ll be back reaching for that “cookie jar” trying to be all sly about it and watching for your reaction out the corner of his eye. He thinks by flashing you his award-winning smile and baby blues that he can get away with anything.

Fourth, embrace the little things.

So many people today think the most important thing is money or that in order to enjoy life you need to go out and party every chance you get. For me, my favorite day of the week is the day I get to spend with my nephew. Simply going for a walk and to the playground makes for the best day.

Fifth, always use your line of sight.

I have to use "line of sight" all the time while coaching, but while coaching I get to have my back to a “wall” and my kids right in front of me. In the real world, having "line of sight" is not as easy. Whenever my nephew is with me, I’m the lady you see with her back to the shopping rack reaching for an item blindly so I can have my eyes on my favorite little munchkin. Better yet, I make him hold my hand while he’s in the cart because if I have to turn around, I will immediately know when he lets go whether that be because he no longer wants to hold auntie's hand, or God forbid, someone tries to take him.

Sixth, you’ll become a boss at mom duties.

Feeding time, check. Diaper changes, check. Dressing a baby, check. Securing them in their car seat properly, check. Comforting them when the tears start to fall, check. Disciplining when necessary, check. Seriously, what better way is there to prepare yourself for being the best mom to your future children?

Seventh, always be the best auntie you can be!

I asked my nephew the other day if he was my favorite little munchkin and he responded with “yeah.” Besides the hugs and kisses, I receive every time I’m with him, I now have a verbal confirmation that he knows he’s my all time fav. To be a good auntie to him, there’s an array of things I try to accomplish. I try to give him the most creative gifts that he can have for a very long time. I try to come up with the best day trips and plans for us to spend together. I also try to set aside at least one day a week for me to spend with him whether we simply go to the pool or the park.

When he’s older I want him to understand how much he means to me and that he can come to me for absolutely anything. Spending even short amounts of time with him once a week is a great way for him to get know auntie and vice versa. I have it good though, because my nephew lives relatively close to me. If, however, you have a niece or nephew who lives countless of miles away, my advice to you would be to have weekly video calls and when you do get to see them, make sure to have something special planned.

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10 Things You Can Do To Make Friends When You're An Introvert In College

You can be shy and still socialize.

It is almost that time again as winter break starts to wind down and it is time to head back to campus. Back to classes, homework, headaches, and stress. Yay, but it's not all bad. At least you get to go back to all of the school friends you haven't seen since last year.

Unless last semester you didn't make any friends because of how painfully shy, you are and now you are going into this semester literally friendless.

The semester just looks really bleak to you right now as you are preparing to deal with another semester of being shy, eating alone, spending most of your time in your dorm binging Netflix and eating Domino's pizza.

Don't get discouraged just yet. There is nothing wrong with you, you're just an introvert which means that you would rather be by yourself than be surrounded by a group of people. Which is perfectly fine, everyone functions in different ways. Some people are more social than others. Some people are extroverts.

Being an introvert isn't a bad thing, it just means that you may have to work and push yourself out of your comfort zone to make connections with people and make friends.

I know it can be hard, trust me. I know because growing up I always had the hardest time coming out of my shell. I was really shy as a child which led me to not have many friends. It wasn't until I went to college that I started to step outside of my comfort zone and make friends.

I want to help out all of the introverts out there and give some tips so that this semester might be different, one where you'll meet new people and make friendships:

1. Don't stay in your dorm all day

I know it is a lot easier to just stay in bed than go through the awkwardness of having to go out and talk to people, but then you'd just be going backward, away from your goal of making friends. Just put on your smile and get ready to socialize.

2. Don't be the damsel in distress

Opportunities don't just happen. It isn't realist to just wait in your dorm all day and expect someone to come to you and instantly befriends you. You are sometimes going to have to make the first step and start a conversion. You may be surprised that there are many people in college who are introverts like you.

3. Don't make excuses for why you don't want try

"I'm too shy." "I'm too awkward." "No one is going to like me anyway so I shouldn't try anyway."

You never know what is going to happen unless you try. There are people on campus who are going to like you for you, I promise! You just got to set the excuses aside and just go for it.

4. Be brave, don't panic, just breath. You got this!

I know how scary and never-racking it can be to start a conversation up with someone new. But the worst thing that can happen is there is no connection. There are a bunch of people on campus, just because you didn't connect with one person doesn't mean it is all over.

The most important thing is that you tried, and the more you practice the easier it will be. You never know how far a "hi" can go.

5. Make friends in class

This is one of the best ways to practice talking to other people by talking to someone you will see on daily basis. On the first day of classes in every semester, I make it my mission to at least make one friend in every one of my classes so I have that go to person in that class and not feel so lonely. It also makes when you have group projects a lot easier to handle. You already have one thing in common: the class your in. Work with that!

6. Join clubs

Joining clubs and organizations is one of the best things you can do. Most colleges have different ones that appeal to really everyone's interest. Picking a club based on your interests means you are going to be around people that have similar interest with you. Easier to talk to someone when you share a common interest.

7. Don't be afraid to ask if you can join in or tag along

If you see someone sitting alone in the cafeteria, ask if you could sit with them or if you see someone sitting alone in the library if you could sit next to them. The worst thing that can happen is they say no, the best thing that can happen is they say yes. People can be very friendly and like you want to make new friends.

Another idea is if you have a friend who is going out with other people, ask if you can join. Sometimes a friend's friends can become your friends.

8. Don't let being an introvert define you

Just because you aren't an extrovert, doesn't mean you should feel it is impossible to make friends. It will just take a lot of putting yourself out there even if it feels embarrassing. In time you will not care about people's opinion and if they are judging you. Nothing is impossible, just remember that!

9. You are not weird if you don't make friends right away

It is hard to connect with people. College is huge and, it takes times to find the right people to connect with. Sometimes days, weeks, months, and even years. Don't get frustrated like everything else in life. Things take time.

I know seeing other people having fun with their friend groups and being able to be social so easily may make you feel down, but know this that people tend to pretend they are doing a lot better then they are, so there is no need to feel sad. Just keep focusing on your growth, not on everyone else's.

10. Step out of your comfort zone

No matter how scary and terrifying it is. That what college is all about: trying new things and finding out who you are as a person. Basically a lot of trial and error. You never know what to expect unless you try. You know the best things happen in the least expected places. Try it, and if you don't like it, no problem just quit! At least you tried!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I Want A Love As Real As My Sister And Brother-In-Law

Their love was and still is what I have been longing for.

My sister got married in early October of 2017.

It was a rainy and overcast day yet nothing short of beautiful. My sister looked absolutely stunning as she married the love of her life and boyfriend of 10 years. These two high school sweethearts were finally living in that perfect little fairytale moment they had always dreamt of.

My sister's groom has been apart of my family’s life since I was just 9 years old. As a little sister, constant third wheel, and the maid of honor on their wedding day, I was able to first handedly watch their flirtatious high school crushes unfold into pure, genuine love with an unbreakable bond.

Their love was and still is what I have been longing for. They have that type of relationship that girls constantly pray they will one day find. A love that so many can see as TRUE love.

During the day of my sister's wedding, through the mist of a thousand layers of hairspray, I witnessed what it truly looks like to be in love, a look that I have never had.

1 Corinthians 13:7 states, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance.”

As girls, we are all guilty of searching for qualities that to us, seem to make up the perfect guy. Qualities such as having money (who doesn't want a lavish lifestyle?), being athletic, having beautiful blue eyes, or having that jawline that is perfectly shaped.

We all have been asked, me especially, what it is that you are specifically looking for in a guy, what exactly you are waiting on, or why you have yet to settle for anyone.

After years of witnessing my sister's relationship, this is my response.

I am waiting for the guy that has big dreams of his own, but that wants to see me succeed as well.

I am waiting for the guy that won’t give up on me when times get difficult. A guy that will fight for me. Someone that is terrified to lose me.

I am waiting for the guy that I can be myself around. A guy that will put up with my mood swings, sassiness, and appetite of a 16-year-old boy.

I am waiting for the guy that makes me truly and genuinely happy. Someone that will make me laugh hysterically and bring a smile to my face no matter what the occasion may be.

As a college student, I know I still have plenty of time to find “the one,” but I also understand the struggles of waiting around and constantly being asked why I am so picky or why I have such high standards.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the wait is SO worth it. No one deserves to settle for an immature frat boy that doesn't know what he wants out of life (other than being able to shotgun some natty’s).

I have witnessed and experienced too much heartbreak in my life to be willing to settle.

I want nothing more than to find a love as pure as my sisters. I want to experience the same feeling she did when she zipped up her white dress and headed toward the aisle.

I am waiting for the day that my sister can look at me and see the same infamous glow that I have seen in her for the past 10 years of her relationship.

Cover Image Credit: Max Pixel

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