It is not uncommon for women to constantly get hit-on by men in public places. Being a woman who is married, and a lesbian, men often make this face when those words come out of my mouth:

Following this confused look, I have heard on multiple occasions: "But you're too pretty to be gay" or "oh, you don't look gay."

Let me start off by asking: Does "gay" have a look? Do people automatically assume that under-average-looking women are gay just because they aren't as attractive as society's standards?

Next, they might ask "so, which one of you are the man in the relationship?" Well, if I wanted a man in my relationship, I would have married a man; Instead, we both equally share gender roles.

Me and my wife, both looking feminine, not a "butch look" that everyone expects

I have also been asked "will you have a threesome with me and my bisexual girlfriend since you both like women?" I do not wish to participate in your relationship just because of my sexuality.

Another popular question: "so you have never had sex before since you're married to a woman?" Merriam-Webster defines sex as physical activity in which people touch each other's bodies, kiss each other, etc. Yes, lesbians can "have sex," for those who didn't know.

I have also heard men remark that I just "haven't found the right guy yet." Is it really this difficult for some people to believe that lesbians might just only like women?

Overall, lesbians are PEOPLE, not a hot topic or sex toys for straight relationships.