A summertime must, Becky's Drive-In is by far one of my favorite places to go in the Lehigh Valley. The outdoor theater is located in Berlinsville, PA, and is open on the weekends in the springtime and every night in the summer. The drive-in stays open through the fall, with a dawn to dusk marathon taking place over labor day weekend. Becky's has two screens, so each night there are four films featured. If a movie is incredibly popular, you have to get there early, or you may not get in at all. Last summer, I went to see Minions and Inside Out with my boyfriend, but by the time we got there, the screen playing those two movies was sold out completely. Every summer hundreds of people eagerly await the release of a new movie, or two, so that they can head to Becky's with their friends, families, significant others, and even pets, to enjoy a fun-filled night.

Before leaving the Lehigh Valley, I wasn't aware of how unique drive-in movie theaters are. It turns out, most places don't have a drive-in, which to me, was always a summer staple. There's just something so special about laying out a blanket under the stars, digging into some buttery popcorn, and enjoying the latest blockbuster. I have gone to Becky's nearly every year since I could drive, and spent many summers there with my family. I still remember going to see Batman with my parents and brother. We always stayed for the second movie. I still continue that tradition today, often getting home at 2 a.m. because I was out seeing two great movies with friends. My favorite is when my dad lets me borrow his pickup truck. We line the bed with blankets and sit in the back, comfortably enjoying the films and all the company.

If you live in the Valley, and haven't been to Becky's, I highly recommend it. The friendly atmosphere, delicious movie food, and great prices make it a fun and affordable way to bond with friends and family this summer.