If you have leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving feast, try making one of these dishes. In order to properly prepare the dishes, click through to the recipes. I merely give a brief description of each and explain why they're worth your time. Happy feasting!

1. Turkey Carcass Soup

This doesn't sound all that great, but it tastes delicious.

After removing the majority of the meat, stick the turkey carcass into a pot with some water and let it simmer, this allows all the meat and juice from the turkey to come off the bones.

After removing the carcass, add rice and some vegetables if desired. Get the full recipe from Allrecipes.

2. Turkey a la King

This dish is simple, but can also be as complex as you make it. It is simply a creamy turkey sauce served over some type of bread.

Get the full recipe from Allrecipes.

3. Upgraded Turkey Sandwich

Photo by @Stevesworldofphotos on Flickr

Again, this dish is a simple one, but if you're feeling fancy feel free to spice it up as much as you want. The simplest form of this dish would be putting some turkey between some bread, but if you want to do something a little more complex, look at this recipe from Delish.

4. Turkey Salad

This dish can be as simple as adding chunks of turkey to your salad, or you can follow this recipe from Allrecipes for a more time-consuming, but more delicious alternative.

5. Turkey Enchilada Casserole

Photo by Alan Levine on Flickr

This is a simple twist on the classic enchilada casserole that's usually made with chicken or beef. For this recipe from Spoonful Of Flavor, you use turkey as the meat ingredient instead.