LED Projectors vs Laser Projector: What’s the Difference?
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LED Projectors vs Laser Projector: What’s the Difference?

LED Projectors vs Laser Projector

LED Projectors vs Laser Projector: What’s the Difference?

There are two main categories in the projector world, which are lamp projector and laser projector.

lamps use to be the traditional go-to light source in the industry. But nowadays laser projector is becoming commonly seen, and it is the best projector to replace TV.

This projector buying guide will introduce the difference of LED projector and laser projector, and their pros and cons.


Projection light source has their lifespan, when they run out their hours, the light source will dim, hence the projection quality drops to an unacceptable level for further use. Therefore, it’s important to know if projector lamp is bad.

With the development of technology, lamp projectors have increased their lifetime to more than 6000 hours; but is still far exceeded by laser projectors with standard 20.000 hours lifespan. Laser light sources don’t just last longer, their performance is also more consistent over time, which means laser-projectors offer steadier brightness. While lamp projectors will inevitably dim after a while.


The cost price of a laser projector is higher than the purchase price of a lamp projector. But you should think further than this initial investment. But don’t forget about the extra maintenance costs, other additional expenses related to lamp projection like replacing the dimed bulb should be taken into account as well.


Laser light engines require less heat dissipation and power consumption. But traditional projector lamps can contain mercury or other hazardous waste materials which may cause serious environmental damage. And frequent lamp replacement is not environment friendly as well.


The advantages of laser projection are manifold. Lamp projectors are still popular for its high brightness and vivid color production, but laser light source is more sustainable and more maintenance-free.

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