4 Times Professors Let Me Down

Lots of times, professors in academia can inspire students. However, sometimes they end up discouraging students quest to learn in a university setting. Here are four different times professors have let me down.

#1 The time a professor didn't intervene

There have been times where my research have been stolen, but to happen again was one thing. A professor I was working with from a different university failed to intervene in a conflict I had with his research students. They originally wanted to work with me, then kicked me off their team and won the grant money. The ethics that it was my research that helped them and the fact that the professor didn't do anything was discouraging.

#2 The professor who hates questions

There were multiple times where professors acted like it is the end of the world when a student is curious. If nobody is asking questions and you ask a question they can sometimes look at you like you are from the moon. The same can be said if you are the only one answering her questions. This can be discouraging to curious or passionate learners from time to time

#3 The one who limits creativity

There are many times where if you think outside the box to solve a problem correctly, it can often be discouraged. You feel confined when it is just memorization but no intellectual diversity or critical thinking

#4 The one who doesn't give many details

One time a professor allowed the book to be used on the online quizzes and the students that didn't know and studied the hardest got worse grades. Other times professors fail to email you if class been canceled. Then there are those times where professors never upload the supplementary material. All of these are greatly discouraging examples.

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