LeBron James Makes A Move For Humanity

Athletes have no expectations other than to play their sport well and win games.

So, many of them do that, and they have supporters and people show up to their games because of it. But these athletes have a platform, no matter the sport. They have spectators and people watch them, listen to them and pay such close attention to them on and off the court or field.

Sports are so inclusive; anyone can enjoy them and anyone willing to work hard enough can play.

The greatest athletes there are are the ones that use their platforms for something more than any sport or game. They use their voices to be powerful and they put their endorsements and sponsorships toward humanity and things bigger than just them. They push for things greater than anything they can work out for. They are making marks on our world, our country and our people.

These days, even our own president is wreaking havoc all over the country; he doesn't seem to really care about anything. Thankfully, there are athletes working so hard to pick up the pieces.

LeBron James has done more for our people than anyone in the White House has done recently. He recognizes that Trump is using sports and everything the athletes do, against them. He is dividing the country with what he considers pointless.

It has reached a point where athletes understandably refuse to go to the White House. Something that used to be considered a high honor in America is now basically a punishment. Instead of taking honor from a president who is forcing athletes to stop standing up for what they believe in and lacks respect for the work they do, athletes, specifically LeBron James, are moving mountains despite it.

With his new I Promise School, LeBron James is bringing hope, assistance and blessings to 240 students and their families in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, with the help of the Akron Public Schools and his LeBron James Family Foundation.

He is so thrilled to be able to help people in his community in the ways he is blessed enough to be able to, and he has a vision. They have chosen to have the students most in need enrolled and will expand from there in years to come.

Included with free tuition to the I Promise School is free transportation, meals, a food pantry, job assistance for parents, guaranteed college tuition and more. He's proven to not only be one of the greatest basketball players and athletes of our time but a great humanitarian and a great person as well. He has done so much with the platform and resources he has been working so hard for.

LeBron James is proving that no matter what you come from and no matter what you do, a difference can be made. He has chosen to be more than someone who dribbles a ball around a court and shoots baskets.

And it isn't just him that is making waves in more than just sports.

Colin Kaepernick bit the bullet and took every consequence when he started a whole movement by simply kneeling on the football field. Aly Raisman used her voice to bravely speak her truth and inspired so many other gymnasts to follow so that a dangerous man could stop taking innocence away from young women. Dwyane Wade donated $200,000 toward March For Our Lives and pushed for other NBA players to do the same.

These athletes are the ones who will be remembered for more than their stats, the trophies and medals they've won. They are working harder than so many people we've elected and put into office.

We missed the mark by not voting to put compassion, heart and humanity into our government. So, we're fortunate to have those things in the people we support and cheer for.

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