College Goodbyes Are Tough

When the end of spring semester rolls around, and finals have come to an end, it is time to move back home for the summer and say goodbye to your college buddies.

College has brought the best people I have ever met into my life, and the strongest friendships to match. When you are all on one campus, living together, eating together, partying together.... being around each other all the time, it is easy to build really strong bonds and relationships.

That being said, when it is time to leave, those goodbyes are hard. Especially when you consider the fact that everyone's hometowns are somewhat spread out.

Even in instances where friends are within reach during the summer months, not being around those people every day after spending so much time with them all year is definitely a weird change and something that takes a little while to get used to again.

For me, I am fortunate enough to have most of my close friends within an hour or so from me, which means meeting up this summer is very possible. But not having them near me to share laughs with in person every day can be a downer.

The beginning of the summer is definitely the hardest. College life is a world of always having things to do, places to go, or people to see, so coming home to no obligations is both relaxing and lonely. The hustle of campus life keeps you occupied enough that your alone time is something you get to fully appreciate, but having too much time to yourself at home can get tedious.

Now that I am moving into my Junior year, the prospect of studying abroad is on the horizon for me and all of my classmates. This means there will be some people who I potentially might not see for an entire year if we were to go abroad different semesters. Even still, there will be plenty of people who I won't see for at least one semester. This made the end of Sophomore year even more sad, knowing that so many of my friends will be scattered across the globe this year and I won't have much time to spend with them.

I am so excited for all of the people in my life, and so excited to watch them thrive, grow, and succeed, whether it be on campus or abroad. I just know that I am going to look back and miss the way things were.

More importantly, I know I am going to miss them.

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