So lately I've noticed that this Chad like character has somehow appeared in my life this year at school. He has been snapchat friends with me for a few weeks now and things were going great until I opened up my app...

Yeah, you can already figure out what all the dots mean. Leaving me on read? Okay, I understand maybe once or twice, life does happen and it can get crazy having to remember to respond back. However, leaving a girl like me on read frequently doesn't sit well. I actually would prefer you tell me that you are busy or that you are tired from a long day instead of saying nothing at all. Like how hard is it?

I also know that you might think that you responded in your head back to me (which don't get me wrong I'm guilty of that on occasion). But, that is still no excuse, be a gentleman and acknowledge my existence. I am putting in the effort to have a friendship with you, not just to keep up with having Snapchat Streaks with you. If this is a little harsh sounding for you, I'm sorry but I'm not sorry.

To the Chad like character that has left me on read recently, I hope that you learn from this article and make some changes. I may not be your cup of tea right now and that's fine, but I would like to give us a shot at some point.