Towards the end of summer, my family made the executive decision to get a new puppy. This comes almost half a year after we had lost Deacon, my first dog and the dog I've written about countless times on this site. The reason that he was always so dear to my heart was that he was my first dog. My first pet. The dog that I got to grow up with. So, as the school year starts and my family begins to prep the house back at home for the soon to be new Dziak member, here are some "firsts" that I have experienced or will soon experience without Deacon around.

1. First day of school

Yes, I am in college now. But last year I got a picture from my family of him and then them wishing me good luck. But a big thing is that he won't be there when my brother starts his first day of sophomore year of high school.

2. Leaving the house

I almost cried because I knew I couldn't say "I will see you soon" and have it mean "I'll see you on Labor Day weekend or Thanksgiving."

3. First call home

I won't hear his peppy little barks...

4. Me coming home for the holidays

Like I said before with his barks, but this time he won't jump all over me.

5. When I need to rant about school to him

He was like the go to "person" I would go to.

6. My first boyfriend

Yes, I still don't have a boyfriend. But when I do get one, he won't be alive but looking down on me as the relationship goes on.

7. When I graduate college.

I knew he wouldn't make it to when I graduate college, but he died the beginning of my spring semester freshman year. I just wished he was around a little longer.

8. When Joey gets accepted to college

Deacon was alive when I got my college admissions email. He was alive when I was filling out all of the insurance and room and meals stuff. But with Joey... he won't be there.

9. When Joey starts college

Another self explanatory one.

10. When mom and dad retire

Yes, a lot of these are sounding random. But they hold sentimental value to others and to have a pet with them along the way is something special to them. Deacon was special to my entire family, and he still is. I know that he will be looking down on us when we pick out the new puppy.

I still miss you, Deacon. I love you.