Leave Me Alone (So I Can Listen to Hinds)

I first heard of the band Hinds from a magazine I picked up because Marina and The Diamonds was on the front cover. It was a music issue of some magazine that I don't recall the name of, in the current. I read it from the cotton candy pink cover to the end in one sitting. In the middle of the issue, there were suggestions of musicians to listen to, and I wrote down each one in the Notes App on my phone to save them for a later date (one where I was lost and had no song to describe my emotion).

It was months later that I ended up pulling up that list. I'd spent those months in between, lying in my bed, playing Marina and The Diamonds too loud, but by the spring, I was ready for something new to cleanse my pallet. That is how I ended up listening to Hinds.

I first listened to their cover of "Davey Crockett." The music video reminded me of a video that I would make with my best friend, and maybe that was one of the reasons why I liked it so much. It seemed so natural and true to themselves, even though I didn't know anything about them, at that point.

Their sound makes me think of The Raincoats with their untamed voices, and if you aren't listening closely, some of their songs may come off as screaming. Hinds is lively and raw and steady. Listening to them makes me want to dance in streets with graffiti covered buildings. I'd never heard a band that had given me that same sensation before, and I didn't want it to go away. It made me feel bold.

Hinds lyrics are sometimes carefree metaphors, and other times so straightforward they are heartbreaking. The tempo is, most often, upbeat to contrast with their lyrics. They sing about love and the torture of it in a energetic way. In "San Diego" they sing "We didn't even say goodbye/ You are alone, I can see why/ Cause home is my grave at night/ So why don't you just take my hand?/ Stay close to me or know I'll die!" in a haphazard, messy way that is countered with a steady, drum beat. It is not a sad song; it is simply describing a feeling that one of them at during a moment in time.

In "Garden" they sing in breathy tones, "And how many scars you don't share, and why do I care?" and then the chorus "And I feel like I'm freezing again/ You won't say you're bored anymore/ 'cause I can take you dancing/ Use me to feel home." Again the chorus is sang like they are running out of breath, which makes the emotions seem more raw.

The songs I previously mentioned were from their first album, Leave Me Alone, which came out in 2016. Just last month, they came out with their second album, I Don't Run; it didn't disappoint. I've been listening to it on repeat since it came out, waiting for summer to begin, so I can fully jam to the full extent that it provides.

Hinds is the type of band I want to share with others because they are so good, but that I also want to keep only to myself for that same reason. But, I guess since I've written this article. I'm ready to share my love and this band with the world, so if you're looking for a band to ring in the summer with, give Hinds a listen.

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