Hey Readers!

This piece isn't super long or in depth as they've been for a few months. I sort of just wanted to have fun with using some of the things I cherish the most in my day-to-day routine. Maybe there is someone out there who has a similar list to my own! Whatever gets you to a healthier version of yourself each day, try listing them and tailoring them as the rest of the year goes by. They may be useful in helping your mood. Good vibes to you all!

Leave me to my things

"Things," like my poetry

Flowing like your words trying to regulate what you don't understand

Or want to understand about me

Leave me to my things

"Things," like my books

Engaging me more than the reality I am faced with as I see the world

Become even more confusing to grasp

Leave me to my things

"Things," like my music

Capturing my appreciation better than you whining for attention

Because what I like doesn't "appeal to you personally"

Leave me to my things

"Things," like my naps

Revitalizing me so that I have the energy to deal with anything

That may disrupt my spirit

I need these things, for they help me get by

I can maintain a piece of myself even when

All is busy and congested

I confess, these are my "things"

I intend to keep them and cultivate them

To be a better version of myself for




A well and loving piece of mind

To help each day become exactly what I hope

What I dream

To reach every star

And break all doubt

May you keep your "things," and they bring you




And more opportunity to be who you want

Whether it's a poem

A book



Keep it and don't let it go

Allow only the "things" that will help you grow

All others should fall away

So that you can one day

Make your own way

So leave me to my things

"Things," being what allow me to be