Leave Lindsay Lohan Alone And In The Past, Where She Belongs

Ah, Lindsay Lohan. When you read that name, did it conjure images of sobbing during court trials, being hauled off to jail and a pale-faced, drugged-up shell of a woman? I haven't heard much from Lindsay other than her attempts at a comeback that occur every couple of months.

As a 19-year-old born in the year 1999, I kind of feel like I missed the entire sega of her public breakdown and the relentless mockery that ensued. There was a time where I might have actually felt bad for her, told people to take it easy on her while she recovered and healed. After her recent remarks on the Me Too Movement, I am without a single clue as to why we still accept any words she says or allows her on any sort of public platform.

Lohan was recently reported saying that she sees women who support the Me Too movement as "weak" and that you must speak on the assault in that very moment and that the assault is only made real once a police report is filed. Lohan then goes on to say that many girls who experience assault are young and don't know who they are and that is why they come forward and share their stories.

I just want us all as a collective group to agree to move past Lindsay Lohan. She has been given countless opportunities to come back again, to save her severed career, and to rise from the ashes that she was thrust into when sobbing in a courtroom after being convicted of a DUI she was desperately trying to convince the world she wasn't guilty of. The world has given chance after chance to Lohan to start again and to become a new, better version of herself. However, waiting for a better version of Lindsay is like waiting for the same old, tired product to finally remake itself and stop disappointing you. You might get a brand new version of the model, but you are still left with repeated disappointment in its performance no matter how many times you turn the other cheek.

Up until recently, I saw Lindsay as a bit of a victim. She has been referenced in countless songs and films as nothing more than a mockery, an easy joke to a punchline. "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" are the famous words featured in a Pitbull song. Or the affectionate lyrics targeted towards her by the band Blood on the Dance Floor, "I'd swallow your c*m like Vodka, if I was Lindsay Lohan."

Lindsay Lohan has been pop culture's number-one punching bag and mockery for almost a decade now. Up until recently, I might have argued that none of this was really all that provoked. She was just a child actress who got drugged up and partied. She went to jail, was under house arrest, and sobbed and the court, not a single look of pity even seemed to be tossed her way. However, maybe at a point in time, I would have thought it should be. I would have asked that we all cut her a break.

However, when someone who is grossly under qualified to make remarks on a topic decides to do so anyway especially with the knowledge that they are unqualified, that's when the criticism is not only justifiable but exceedingly welcomed. She deserves every bit of backlash she is receiving at the moment, and for the love of God, can we not just leave in her the past sobbing in the courtroom where we all left her the first time around. It seems that this might have been a desperate grab for attention. I couldn't name a single film she's been in since "Freaky Friday" and I don't see any Oscar nominations occurring for her any time soon. Why do we continue to entertain the thought of her? Why do we continue to string her along? Is it just so we can all say we there to watch the train wreck once again? Is it because we're all still holding tight to "Parent Trap" and "Mean Girl" references. Why do we continue to add fuel to a flame that burned out in an incredibly inglorious and humiliating fashion long ago?

Lindsay is so wrong and misguided and I am unable to see why anyone would ever think any different. And lastly, can we all kiss her and the dream of what she once was goodbye. Lindsay, please retire your acting career. It already is, but at this point all of us just need confirmation. May we all watch Parent Trap one last time with the memory of once was. That memory is one I prefer to the nightmare of Lohan that stands before us. If you decide to have a funeral for the career that was deceased long ago, let me know, Lindsay. I hope there will be a free showing of "Parent Trap" for my troubles. Maybe if you put as many movies a year out as you did mugshots, there could be some sort of resurrection.

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