Best 20 leather sleeves to protect your Macbook
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Best 20 leather sleeves to protect your Macbook

MacBook is one of the most gorgeous devices that Apple has ever created.

Best 20 leather sleeves to protect your Macbook

So you should protect it all the time and make sure that it stays pretty. For that, you can consider buying a sleeve or a case.A sleeve can protect your device all the time. There are various types of sleeves. But if you are looking to buy slim leather sleeves for macbook. here are some of the options for you to choose from-

Kasper Maison Italian Leather Laptop Sleeve

Made of pure Italian leather, this sleeve will offer maximum protection to your MacBook.

CAISON Genuine Leather Laptop Sleeve Case

Designed to fit the New 13 inch MacBook Air("with Retina Display Touch"), the best thing about this Leather Sleeve is that it lasts for a long time.

UPPERCASE SlimSleeve Premium Vegan Leather Sleeve

Not only it's stylish but it is also easy to maintain as it is made with smooth vegan leather. Rest assured that it will give your MacBook the protection it needs.

Woolnut MacBook Sleeve

It is another option that you can try. Available in two colours(Black and Cognac), you can choose the one which that looks good on your device.

Soyan Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro

"Classy", "Slim" and "Elegant"- These words describe this product perfectly. It's made of soft microfiber leather which gives excellent protection to your device.

HYZUO Laptop Sleeve

This one is crafted with faux suede leather. The best thing about the product is that it is water resistant and shockproof.

All-inside Pink Synthetic Leather Sleeve

Made of premium artificial leather, All-inside Pink Synthetic Leather Sleeve is Water and scratch resistant.

TOPHOME Laptop Sleeve

It's a good product to use in your office. It's made of genuine cow leather which will last for a long time.

LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case

The best thing about LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case is that it is easy to use. The sleeve is easy to open and shut because of its two magnetic snaps.

WerKens Genuine Leather Laptop Sleeve

Perfect for your MacBook, WerKens Genuine Leather Laptop Sleeve is another sleeve that is made of Genuine leather.

MacBook Pro 13 inch Sleeve Leather

This 13-inch Laptop Sleeve will protect your MacBook at any cost. The sleeve is made of top-class PU Leather and will protect your device from scratch.

Plemo Water-Resistant PU Leather Sleeve

The envelope design of this product allows you to carry your MacBook easily. The water-resistant PU leather makes this product a perfect choice for your MacBook.

Tomtoc Slim Envelope Sleeve

This sleeve features synthetic-leather and top quality canvas material. The design is decent and it's a good option for your MacBook.

HN STG 13.3 inches Leather Laptop Sleeve

It looks luxurious and its materials are pretty decent. In short, it won't be a bad option for you.

Affilare Genuine Leather Laptop Bag Sleeve Surface Macbook

Genuine calfskin leather was used to make this product. As a result, it looks elegant and has the durability that every sleeve needs.

Gallaway Leather Laptop Sleeve

The design is probably not the most elegant one. However, it will definitely do the job for you.

Valkit Macbook Air 13 inch Sleeve

Compatible, slim and lightweight, professional design- Valkit Sleeve has all the features that you need.

MoKo 13.3" PU Laptop Sleeve Case

Because of its premium PU leather and slim design, it is a worthy option for your device.

Tuk Tuk Press, Handmade Distressed Buffalo Leather

Made with 100% genuine handmade buffalo leather, This durable product is perfect for carrying your MacBook.

LAPOND Laptop Sleeve Case for MacBook

This one is the last one of our long list. It is durable, waterproof and scratch-resistant. That's all you need for you MacBook.

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