Learning to Serve was the best decision ive made

I never thought I would have the courage and confidence to be a waiter. You have to put on an act for a group of complete strangers. After going through only a little training, I quickly got the hang of it and now think it is key to a bright future.

1. I gained a certain tolerance level for all types of people

Working in a restaurant you see a range of people. Ranging from toddlers to grandparents. You will learn how to talk to the kids vs how to respond to the parents. You will get the costumers who know they are paying you and will take advantage and with them, you will gain a patience level that is higher than the average persons.

2. I learned about new kinds of food


Every been on a date and you don't know what half the things on the menu are? Working in a restaurant will teach you so much about different foods, spices, garnishes, where certain foods are from, how different foods can be cooked, and most importantly what foods taste good with what.

3. ... And new drinks


Knowing drinks is also a skill everyone should have. Serving you will learn the different types of wines, how to mix drinks, and what beers are light beers and which are heavy.

4. I don't need to go to the gym


Talk about lifting weights. When you carrying 7 glasses and 4 plates on every part of your arm there is no need to go to the gym. Also, you are standing 8-hour shifts running back and forth getting food, and drinks. Doesn't get much more exhausting than that.

5. I learned what hard work is


Servers work the longest days. We never know when our shifts are really going to be over, but in the end, we are busting our a** for 9 hours a day making the time go quickly. If you don't have a table, you are polishing silverware or folding napkins. The tasks are endless and you learn to complete them with diligence and greatness.

6. I gained a better understanding and appreciation for the serving industry


You now know all the behind the scenes of the kitchen and the complicated computers systems. You will have a higher patience when it comes to slower servers.

7. I bonded with everyone I work with


Working as a waiter, you are thrown in the crowd and you will work endless hours with the same people over and over. Before you know it these friends will be at your graduation, in your wedding, and there for you every challenge life throws your way.

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