1. You start to mix languages


The more you start to learn and practice the language, you start to think and more than one and it can result in something like this, but you don't really mind.

2. You can make and understand jokes in another language


Twice the languages means twice the memes... but no one ever gets them when you try to explain them!

3. You readily flip between keyboards


That awkward moment when you realized you tried to type your password in the wrong keyboard...

4. You'll use any chance to talk to a native speaker...


The adrenaline rush of speaking to someone on the spot is REAL, you guys.

5. ...Until they speak too fast and you're lost 


It's all fun and games until you realize how fast native speakers are, not to mention different accents and slang...

6. You feel like you missed out on a ton of great music before


When you discover music in your new language, you easily fall down a rabbit hole and want to share it with everyone. It's also taught you all the slang you know.

7. People always ask you to teach them or say something cool

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It's not easy to sum up years of a language journey in two minutes but you try anyways.

8. You can't hide your inner language nerd

Language Insider


You know no one cares about the difference in accents, dialects or etymology but you still hit them with factoids anyways.

9. You have a completely different personality when speaking that language


Your voice, mannerisms, and speech pattern changes and someone else completely comes out; it's wierd yet exciting at the same time.

10. You are proud of accomplishments, big or small


Language learning requires a lot of patience, but you just gotta trust the process