What I’ve Learned From Kesha

I definitely haven’t woken up in the morning feelin’ like P. Diddy or ever yelled "timber," but Kesha has definitely taught me something over the past year. I think it’s safe to say that Kesha has pretty much been out of the spotlight since her hit with Pitbull “Timber” in 2013. Whether you know or not, Kesha has been facing quite the number of problems to where she hasn’t even been able to produce music for the past couple years. Kesha has been dealing with a legal battle between her and her producer, Dr. Luke.

Kesha came out a while ago about her relationship with herself and Dr. Luke, and it was nothing short of heartbreaking. Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke had drugged her with a pill to the point of her being blacked out and raped her shortly after her 18th birthday. Kesha also claims that Dr. Luke not only physically abused her, but verbally abused her as well. Kesha claimed other things as well that include him forcing himself on her after making her drink alcohol on a plane and even consistently criticizing her weight and made negative comments to her. Kesha also entered rehab at the time for eating disorders, which even made these allegations seem more and more real. Dr. Luke’s lawyer had spoke out saying that Kesha and her mother were merely doing this to publish outrageous and untrue statements about Dr. Luke. Kesha’s claims broke my heart and fans' hearts around the world, but we all knew that it was for the good to let the world know what was happening...or so we thought.

Kesha was then bound in this contract to be able to only produce music with Dr. Luke and Sony Music. The contract was heavily negotiated and left Kesha unable to work on new music while this case was being dragged on. This left Kesha simply unable to make music during the time of the court case, and even if she could produce music, I highly doubt she’d want to do it with Dr. Luke. Kesha’s career was being seen as “over” because she has been out of the light for awhile. Kesha and her lawyers went to the court looking for an injunction for her to be able to to get out of this heartbreaking and messy case. The court date was held on February 19, and the judge denied the injunction. Kesha is now left in the situation where in order for her to make music, Dr. Luke is the producer she will have to go to, and she states that she isn’t going to because she’s afraid to continue to work with him. Kesha can try to appeal the judge’s decision, but only time will tell.

I have been an animal for a while now. Kesha’s vibrant and party personality was something that brought fun to pop music. Kesha was the pop star to ensure hits that would continually be played at clubs, and no doubt have you dancing along with it. I have always loved Kesha’s artistry and watching this court case unfold has been breaking my heart. I have learned a lot from the case over social media by simply going on there to see how everyone else has been reacting. These are the things I have learned from this case.

1. The court case is a prime example of why victims of abuse, whether that be physical or verbal, don’t come out to share their story.

I now know why women don’t report sexual assault. We have always been told that women and men, need to report any assault in order to better ourselves and the situation, but Kesha’s case has been giving victims a good reason as to why they wouldn’t say anything. Kesha shouldn’t have to continue to be bound to a producer that may have assaulted her. Why would victims come out and say something if they can see the possibility of being stuck with the person that was assaulting them. The fear is set there and even though this case may seem a bit rare and unique, it still provides a reason to why victims wouldn’t say anything. I also thought that this is something that we have grown past, and been promised that these victims would get taken care of in the right way, but this case is an example of how we haven’t moved past it quite yet.

2. There have been other contracts with artists that have been broken up by court because of smaller things.

Twitter is a social media platform that will bring out support and examples in a matter of minutes. I saw one example of how Zayn Malik was able to get out of his contract and it shocked me. Malik was able to break ties with the One Direction contract because he was unhappy. I don’t know the specifics of that case, but the fact that him being unhappy was part of how the contract was broken frustrated me. Kesha has been a victim and still can’t get out, but other artists have it a little easier. Makes complete sense?

3. Everyone deserves to do what they love.

I don’t care if you like Kesha or if you like her music or not, but I think that people should do what they love. Kesha has been trapped over the past few years with this court case and trapped even longer in the abuse. I don’t think anyone should be stuck in a situation like this. There obviously was some abuse there: you can tell by the tears and emotion Kesha had. Dr. Luke has already hurt Kesha enough and doesn’t deserve to damage her career anymore.

Kesha has her support with her Animals. Fans from all around the world were supporting her outside the courthouse and online. The hashtag “#FreeKesha” went viral and was trending immediately on Twitter just minutes after the hearing. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, and more celebrities stood up on social media in supporting Kesha. The fact that these artists are supporting Kesha as well as fans makes me happy in such a dark time for Kesha. I just wish the absolute best for Kesha and anyone else out there that may be going through the same abuse Kesha experienced.

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