9 Timeless Life Lessons Lessons Only Farm Kids Learned Growing Up

9 Timeless Life Lessons Lessons Only Farm Kids Learned Growing Up

And I'm not just talking about taking care of plants or animals.

Having grown up on a farm is something I wouldn't change for the world.Not everyone had the same childhood though, and they didn't learn all the things that I did. So here are nine things you know to be true if you grew up on a farm.

1. Just about anything can be fixed with twine, duct tape or WD40.

Who needs fancy mechanics or equipment when you've got some good ol' farm ingenuity

2. If it can't be fixed, call Dad or Grandpa.

When ingenuity doesn't work, ask the professionals.

3. Don't trust everything the weatherman says.

You might not see any rain coming today Mr. Weather Man but I can feel it.

4. Boots can go with any outfit.

From PJ pants for morning chores or a sundress for church, boots go with it all.

5. There isn't always time to stop for dinner.

Sometimes there's too much to do and too little time and stopping for a full meal isn't realistic.

6. But there's always time to stop for grace.

If there's time to eat, there's time to pray.

7. Everyone has a favorite brand.

Whether it be John Deere or Case IH, Chevy or Ford everyone has a side.

8. Plant and harvest are the most stressful times of year.

Don't even bother trying to plan anything else during these times of year.

9. No one else gets it unless they've lived it.

The only ones who get farm life, are the ones who've lived farm life.

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11 Things I, A Salty Non-Irish Woman, Will Be Doing On St. Patrick's Day

Speaking in a Scottish accent to tick all of the Irish people off.

I am a wonderful combination of European backgrounds. I haven't run an ancestry check or anything, but I am at least half Swiss and a little over a quarter German. Heck, I'm even sure I've got some British Isles in there. But that comes in the form of English and Scottish. (The horror! I've been mixed!)

Irish? Nah. I don't have a whole heck of a lot of it.

I mean, I can do a mean Irish accent. But that's the extent of my association with the Emerald Isle. So on St. Paddy's Day, I'm a little displaced. What, exactly are we doing with ourselves when we aren't possessed of a massive amount of green in our wardrobe, nor are we really even sure why this holiday is celebrated? Let me show you.

(Note: Quiet, Church History class that I took that one time. I know it's to celebrate St. Patrick bringing the Gospel to Ireland. Details.)

1. Actively avoiding getting pinched

2. Speaking in a Scottish accent to tick all of the Irish people off

3. Desperately searching for anything green to wear

4. Wondering what actually happened with the snakes in Ireland.

5. Watching a lot of Lutheran Satire

6. Praying for the delivery of an Irish boy to my doorstep

7. Making potato pancakes because I'm German, dang it, not Irish!

8. Tackling every redhead I see, screaming, "Look, a leprechaun!"

9. Apologizing to my now slightly bruised roommate, who is most likely not a leprechaun.

10. Going to a St. Patrick's Day party and delivering William Wallace's freedom speech. On a horse.

11. Realizing just how seriously the Irish take this holiday as they take me up on that previous offer.

Scotland forever. Or Switzerland. Or wherever.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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5 Reasons I'm SO Over Winter, And SO Ready For Summer To Get Here Already

Summer needs to hurry up into my life.

For those of us unfortunate souls who live in New York during the winter, we know just how brutal it can get. It's freezing one day, warm the next, and blizzard conditions after that. Its not until basically June that we finally are lucky enough to get the truly warm, beautiful weather that we crave for all year long.

Summer time.

Here are a few reasons why I'm so ready for summer:

1. Clothes

This might just be me, but I feel about 100 times uglier in the winter. I'm literally always cold, so all I want to wear is sweats. All. The. Time. Now, this is definitely not a cute look. In the Summer, you have a lot more versatility in what you can wear. You can wear skirts, dresses, shorts, tees, tanks, sneakers, sandals, you name it. There's significantly more options. Not to mention, summer clothes are way cuter than winter clothes in general. I am so ready to not look homeless every day, just saying.

2. Tanning

Warm weather means tanning weather! YAY. Well, tan for me is not very dark since I'm basically ghostly pale in the winter. But, color is color! Not to mention, nothing says summer like laying out by the beach on a breezy day with the sun beating down on your skin.

3. Free time

Any college student will tell you that life is pretty hectic during the school year. Between activities, class, homework, and part-time work, it's hard to find a moment to breathe. But, fear not! Summer is coming, and that means we can finally have a few months to relax. We deserve it.

4. Beach/city trips

Living on Long Island in the summer is truly a blessing in disguise. We are lucky enough to be literally surrounded by water. This means we have a ton of beaches to choose from throughout the season that are not too far from home. Also, our location puts us about an hour away from the greatest city in the world, New York! Summer in New York City is one of my favorite things ever, and I cannot wait to do some more exploring once the warm weather hits.

5. Nice weather

As I mentioned earlier, New York winters are pretty brutal. Nor'easter after Nor'easter after Nor'easter. Everyone has just about had enough of it. I know I'm over here counting down the days until I can feel warm again and not have to worry about snow ruining my day! Warm weather needs to enter my life ASAP.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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