5 Things I Have Learned This Semester
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5 Things I Have Learned This Semester

I have no regrets, just lessons learned.

5 Things I Have Learned This Semester

I still cannot fathom the fact that it is already December. It feels like just yesterday that I was walking to my first day of classes and getting back into the swing of things. This semester has been an interesting one for sure. Full of many blessings, but also many lessons learned. I've made it a personal goal to reflect on each semester and write down 5 things I have learned.

1. Roommates can be the biggest blessing


My roommates are MY GIRLS. They are my go-to's and where I first turn. They keep me accountable in my faith and make me laugh like no others. They make coming home something to look forward to and for that I am beyond grateful. Even reflecting on freshman year, my roommate and I became inseparable and made our tiny shoebox a cozy little escape. I've heard countless roommate horror stories, but I cant stress enough how amazing it could be to befriend your roommate. And the best part is they are just another college student struggling with most of the same things you are. They can be a buddy in trying to figure out the messiness of college and someone to confide in and relate to. At the end of the day, having awesome roommates means making a house a home.

2. You can never have too much coffee


To be totally honest, I don't even think coffee really does much for me in terms of giving me energy. However, just having it near by equates to productiveness, and in that case, give me all the coffee I can get!! Even if you're not a coffee drinker, sitting in a coffee shop gives off just the right atmosphere to get work done while feeling warm and cozy. My favorite thing about this semester is the routine I have created of getting a cup of coffee and settling into my favorite study spot. But I'm telling ya, without the caffeine source, I would not get nearly as much work done

3. It is perfectly okay to question what you are doing 


For the past year and a half I have felt nothing but confident in my major choice. It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I really started to have second thoughts. I started questioning my abilities and my choices and started to feel like I wasn't good enough for certain majors/future professions. But please listen to this one thing: You are so beyond capable. It is completely and totally normal to have second guesses, but if you feel in your heart you are being called to a certain field, follow the path. And on the other hand, it is also completely and totally normal to change your mind. Trust your instincts and don't let a certain class/circumstance prevent you from pursuing what you love.

4. Independence is key


I cannot stress enough how important college is for molding you into who you want to be. This semester has made me realize that we have been given an opportunity as college students to actually be selfish. This is our time to find things we love and pursue what we choose. I often find myself taking the "comfortable" route simply because it is what my friends are doing. But hear me out- your people will stick with you and your people will seek you out. Getting involved in things that YOU personally love and choose will surround you with similar people to yourself and show you who out of your already existing friends truly are by your side.

5. Sleep is your best friend


We all have those college nights where we stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning working away or staying out with friends, but I have realized how pivotal getting sleep really is. I have noticed this semester that my productivity and emotions are dependent on how much sleep I get. Self- care is an important part of college- and getting a good nights rest sets a pretty good precedent. So stay in some nights, try to have a routine sleep schedule, and let your mind take a break.

I can't believe I'm almost halfway through college, but man oh man I sure am thankful for all that I have learned thus far.

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