It's Nice To Learn About Other Cultures, But It's Also Important

It's Nice To Learn About Other Cultures, But It's Also Important

America is the world's melting pot, it is time that we started to act like a melting pot and accept others.


America, since the day of its founding, has been known as the melting pot of the world because of the variety of cultures that people all over the world brought to this country. It's been over 242 years since the founding of our country, and we are more divided than ever before.

America is formed of many cultures from Italy and Germany to China and Singapore; each country plays a part of who we are today. Unfortunately, with the political climate we have, we have seen nothing but bigotry to everyone no matter what their culture is because of the hate that politicians everywhere have manufactured.

We are Americans, no matter where we come from around the world. I love that everyone comes from different cultures and when I meet someone different I get eager because I want to continue learning, I want to know traditions and lifestyles because I want to see how I can be a better person. Who I am today comes from learning from people with different lifestyles, cultures, and way of thinking.

Honesty, it is 2019, we should be open to learning about other cultures because we see everything on social media. We see people from different cultures online, often in the form of dance videos. We look at this in amazement but taking the time to learn is just as important as double tapping the like button on Instagram. We need to educate ourselves on what makes each person great and how our country is great with all the cultures melting into a huge melting pot.

It is our jobs not only as Americans but as citizens of the world to learn about each other. Everyone is unique, and for America to recover from the hate, we need to get out of our comfort zones and speak to someone different, even with one conversation, we can change the world.

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The Human Mind Is Etrxraoidrnay

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Can you read this article with perfect fluidity, or maybe not perfect, but with little to no trouble at all? Well, that's your uoncsncuios mind at work. A Cambridge study found that this is baecsue the brain does not read every letter individually but isntaed reads the word as a whole, and we are able to read the sentence whtiuot much trouble as long as the first and last letters are in the correct place.

This phenomenon has a more than a fttinig name in Typoglycemia, in which readers are able to decipher a text even with mssipeslilngs and misplaced ltteres.

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Though this does not wrok with just any jumbling of ltteres as tehre are smoe important key factors that enable readers to comprehend the txet.

The frist is making the passage predictable. Being albe to predict the nxet word based on cnoetxt of the sentence aids us in reading jmbueld up words because we have already seen tehm.

Sentence structure wrods such as "The" and "Be" need to be slleped correctly as these words play crucial rloes in maintaining the stenncee srtutucre which hpels the brain to make cocrret predictions of what wrods will cmoe next.

Jumbling up the wrod in a crteian way is aslo very ipomtanrt as you want try try to keep the sound srtutucre of the wrod intact which wlil enable you to pronounce the wrod in your haed or out loud mroe precisely. You can aslo ircnasee and drceasee the difficulty of certain wrods by ircnaseing the distance in wihch you switch the ltteres around from their original psioiotn.

As you have probably breezed through the mispellings throughout the article try this one as it is much harder than the rest. The answer is at the bottom

Tihs dseon't maen we can jsut mssipesll everything as it deos hvae an acefft on our radenig seepd tohguh as dmeotnsarted aovbe tehre is a crteian art to mssipeslilng things ceorrtcly.

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