Learn how to avoid bad credit loans

Learn how to avoid bad credit loans

One of the consequences of bad credit is that it is difficult to borrow money.


Borrowers see you as a risky borrower who probably will have the standard on loan terms, so much will deny your request. As a result, borrowers with bad credit are often ranked by "companies" that offer bad credit loans. Unfortunately, these loans are often scam meant to deceive you in giving some money.

In a bad credit loan scams, the "lender" often promises to send you a loan, but only after you have first sent a fee to obtain the loan.

They can be as low as $ 50 or up to a thousand dollars, depending on the amount you're borrowing. The "lender" can be a loan origination fee, loan insurance costs, or even security for the loan. You send the money and wait for your bad credit loan, but you never receive it. Unfortunately, by the time you realize what is happening, your money is gone and the money lender is nowhere to be found.It is against the law that a company promises to borrow money in exchange for a fee - this is called "advance payments". Not only do legitimate lenders require no payment to lend you a bad credit loan, but it does not make sense financially to pay money to borrow money.

Signs of a bad credit loan scam

The most obvious sign a bad credit loan is a scam is an application for prepayment. (Note that with mortgage or car loan there is a mortgage on mortgage or car loan or closing costs.)Advance payment and other bad credit loan scams usually guarantee that you get a loan, even before they have checked your credit. They promise to give you a bad credit loan, regardless of your credit history, income or bankruptcy. But no legitimate lender will give you a loan without a certainty that you will repay the loan.

One sign that you are going to a scammer is that the company asks / requires that you prepay in some ways in addition to US mail and send a personal check. Because there are strict e-mail fraud laws in the United States, scammers usually do not receive payments via e-mail. Instead, they often request that you make the payment to them. Scammers are asking more and more victims to send money via Green Money MoneyPak, which is another method that can hardly be detected once the funds have been sent.

Be careful with credit providers abroad, such as Canada or the Caribbean. These are the two most common places that appear to be bad credit loan scams. Just because the loan comes from somewhere other than those two places does not mean that it is legitimate. Compare the loan carefully with the other criteria to verify the bad credit loan.

Beware of companies that claim your social security number, bank account number or credit card number without giving you written documentation about the loan. Avoid giving sensitive information on the phone unless you have started the call to a company that you know and trust.

If you are hurt

If you are the victim of a bad credit loan scam, contact your local law enforcement as soon as possible.

You must also notify your Attorney General, the FBI, if the company was from another state or country, and the Federal Trade Commission. It is also a good idea to let the Better Business Bureau know about the scam to warn other consumers about the fall.

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To My Future Child, I Will Love You No Matter Who You Decide To Love

Nothing should ever get in the way of a parent loving their own child.


I'm not ready to be a mother. Hell, I don't think I'll be ready anytime soon but that doesn't mean I don't think about my future as one. I was lucky to grow up in a home where I was loved unconditionally. I was allowed to dress how I wanted, hang out with who I wanted, and date who I wanted. Some of my friends were not so lucky though. Even in college, they cannot be truthful with their parents about who they are and who they are attracted to. They blame it on their parents' religion, traditional values and sometimes even their family's fear of being different. It's not just about their parents' disappointment but rather fearing their parents will stop loving them.

If your God tells you to stop loving your child because of their sexuality and then you follow through with it, you have failed as a parent. If you question your love for the child you brought into this world - who you promised by that account to love and support no matter what - because of what society or your friends say, then you have failed as a parent. Some may say I'm coming off as harsh and maybe I am. But I cannot even imagine casting my theoretical child aside for being who they are. I understand it's not easy to go against beliefs that you've grown up with. I was raised in a large traditional Italian Catholic family, but not once did I question whether my family would stop loving me if I loved someone who didn't fit 'conventional' standards.

While this doesn't necessarily affect me, a straight cis woman, it does affect people dear to me. I hope that parents who have turned away from their children because of something they cannot help, see this. I hope that they are shocked by my direct blame at them and it pushes them to change their views. It is not too late to ask for forgiveness; most kids are just waiting for you to chose them again. Did it severely hurt them when you chose to stop loving them? Of course. Will it take time to heal the relationship between you two? Definitely, but the time and effort to fix it is worth the energy.

Don't you want to watch your child walk down the aisle? Don't you want to be a part of your future grandchildren's life? Do you want to really be out of your child's life because you can't suck up your pride and just love them? The decision is up to you. Personally, I want to be their every moment - from their first steps to their first heartbreak to when they become a parent themselves. I will be their every step of the way, to support them when they can't themselves and to love them unconditionally. Nothing should stop you from loving your child, especially not who they decide to love. And if you can't make that promise to your children, then maybe you shouldn't have them at all. Every child deserves to be loved and know love by their parents.

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Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose

Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose


Soul Singer Rosie La Posta who goes under the moniker of December Rose releases the ballad Hanging On. Finding a vocal style of her own, she hits all the notes effortlessly. You can hear past influences but she still keeps contemporary. Think Andra Day'smega smash Rise Up. As far the inspiration behind the song, Rosie says, "Besides the grief of a crumbling relationship, the hardest part in moving on is realizing neither person ever really closed the door. 'Hanging On' really paints the melancholy of the process." She first made waves her first single "Ball Game" which received a New Artist Spotlight award and was featured on AOL/Slacker Radio's "New Pop First" channel. Give it a stream.

Can you tell us a bit about your new song Hanging On?

For sure! So 'Hanging On' is about the "elephant in the room" everyone is ignoring. The relationship is crumbling, no one's letting go and closing the door to that chapter in their lives. The song carries listeners through the reminiscing sweet encounter and desperate plea for truth to set them free.

How would you describe your sound?

Always the hardest question to answer!! haha With all the new music I've been working on, there's been a huge musical maturation. With that said, there is a lot of influence of different genres, but to keep it simple, I'd say Adele meets One Republic, meets Gavin DeGraw, meets Amy Winehouse.

What's your song writing routine like?

This has evolved a ton over the years and still haven't really found a routine. My most creative moments are usually in the mornings, in the shower, and while on public transit around the city. Super random!!! I think on average these are the times my mind has the freedom to just think about anything. So, little melodies or song concepts might come to mind, or lyrics. Sometimes on a great day, all of these things come together at the same time. Little by little I build it. I don't force the song to come together in one day if it's not there. I let the idea "sit on the slow cooker" until it's ready (can be super quick or super long).

Are you playing any shows soon?

With the holidays approaching, no shows for the rest of 2018, but booking for 2019 already so all that information will be up on my website shortly. (https://www.DecemberRoseMusic.com)

Whats your favorite social media app?


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