I am a firm believer in certain things coming to you in times of need. I believe they can serve as a relief or a reflection of where we are heading.

Currently, I am in the process of digesting "Black Mirror" created by Charlie Brooker, (a genius if you ask me). It is a series of stand-alone mini movies, with a new cast and story for each. Don't let this stop you from binge-watching, though. I had to take a day or two in between each episode because of the way each one hit me.

It is haunting, terrifying, hilarious, and chilling to the bone. It leaves you asking yourself questions if we are headed in this direction, where do we go next? I come away with something with each episode, leading me to believe we all can learn something from it.

We have to get off our phones and computers for a moment. Sure, here I am writing an article, on a computer, for an online news publication, but you have to go beyond that. Technology is an inevitable part of our society. We have to learn and grow with it, but also away from it. The stronger ties we make to technology, the more it can hurt us in the long run. Technology is also incredibly beneficial, but this is a fine line we are crossing. We are becoming more and more distanced from what makes us human - interaction.

The show touches on a multitude of subjects I cannot even begin to comprehend. Each episode is its own presence in a way, and it is up to you to unwrap it and watch it carefully.

Not every episode is a deep sentimental journey into psyche, but each episode does reveal a part of yourself you didn't know you had.

Do me a favor, and watch the first episode (if you can stomach it). This show might not be your thing, but it is a grabbing attempt at something we all should learn. No spoilers, but it might make you want to get off your phone for a minute.

We are so caught up in who is posting, when, where and why. We are blessed to have the news sent to us at our fingertips. Seeing our friends baby from thousands of miles away. Talking to family members whom you haven't seen for years and keeping in tabs with everyone within milliseconds.

Black Mirror is a breath-taking attempt at showing us what our lives are with technology and the consequences that could very well follow.

Watch Black Mirror on Netflix now. Season 4 coming in late 2017.