Trying to get Cornell students to be passionate about something that doesn’t involve their GPA’s can be a struggle. From my experience this semester, I’ve gathered a few dos and don'ts.

1.Don’t plan events that compete with partying

Most people will choose to party.

2. Make food involved

People are way more likely to come to events if they know there is free food there.

3. Make events easily accessible

Cater to your demographic. For example, if you are planning an event for freshman, make the event on north campus.

4. Make sure it's in a practical time frame

Find a time that fits with people’s already planned schedule. For example, a study break event on Wednesday at 4 in a library will likely attract more people than an event on Thursday at 9 pm.

5. Bring friends!

Force your good friends who need to come to support you to come, and that will likely attract other friends

6. Don't waste time

There is nothing Cornell student's hate more than their time being wasted. Don't make events too long and only hold meetings when absolutely necessary.

7. Give positive feedback!

Complement people when they do things right instead of only addressing things done wrong. This motivates people to work hard and feel like they're time and effort has payed off.