The cynicism about Valentine's Day that never fails to spread every year tends to be attributed to single people who are hating on the lovey dove day that is Valentine's Day. We can all understand why this national day of chocolates, roses, and love can get a bad rap from people who are feeling left out. However, Valentine's Day doesn't only have this effect on people without a significant other. It can also get people in long distance relationships in a funk, too.

Surprisingly I'm actually not here to bash Valentine's Day or defend it either. Instead, I'm here to explain that being in a long distance relationship teaches you a lot about the holiday.

It can be a conflicting feeling knowing that while you DO have someone to be celebrating the day with on a date or over some chocolates, distance is in the way. Often this day just makes the miles feel even longer than they normally do.

However, being in a long distance relationship on this day of love makes you realize just that... that it's really just a day. What is the difference between date or present or flowers on February 14th or February 19th or June 7th? Really nothing.

Missing Valentine's Day due to distance can be a deflating feeling because you know you shouldn't be sad but are still feeling left out in a weird way.

To all those people in long distance relationships not celebrating Valentine's Day in a conventional way this year, don't let it get you down. And don't let it make you envious. Think of Valentine's Day as a mindset rather than a predetermined day. You can recreate all that Valentine's Day is about any day of the year when the miles between you and your significant other are taken out of the equation.

Remember, you're lucky to have someone to be missing no matter how hard it may seem come February 14th.