You know the saying "don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, the same can be applied in long distance relationships or LDR. I used to think that a long distance relationship was doomed from the very beginning; however, as years passed, I realized that there is more than we see in an LDR. For instance, you learn how to appreciate every moment and you learn to trust and communicate (which are essential elements in any relationship).

The truth is that not everyone is willing to take the time of actually learning about someone and letting the emotions grow for the other person. We live in a time that it is all about a one-night stand or extreme clinginess (clinginess is good, but to know where your partner is 24/7 shows that you do not trust them) and we do not commit long enough for a relationship, regardless of the distance. So, imagine why not everyone likes the idea of an LDR. "I can't see what my partner is doing. I won't have someone to cuddle with at night." It is not pretty, and truthfully it is painful, but it is through that pain where we find beauty, as bizarre as it sounds.

When you take the first couple of steps into a long distance relationship, you feel fear. However, you will be surprised how you grow to trust that person with the passing of time. You'll be in greater shock when you become aware of how much you know about that person and how much you trust them. It will hurt when you finally meet, but you will feel complete and proud of both of you. Proud that you trust on each other, proud that even though you are miles apart, you can support each other, grow fonder every day and most importantly, remain loyal. I was surprised when I realized how much I knew about my boyfriend that when I finally had him by my side for a short time that it did not feel like a stranger. When we parted, I was full of happy memories, and that is when I realized that it is worth the wait, it is worth the distance.

You learn to appreciate the rare times you get to be together until the day you can live under the same roof and the struggles will be worth it. You learn to aim for happy moments. You also learn patience, remain independent, yet depend on that person when it gets too much.

Disclaimer: always be cautious with who you meet online and do not give out your personal information until you confirm they are real, truthful, and not scamming you. If you decide to meet in person, take someone with you, and inform your parents or whoever where are you going. Keep your safety a priority.