To The Man Who Taught Me That Laughter Cures Everything, My Dad

To The Man Who Taught Me That Laughter Cures Everything, My Dad

The man who helps me see the warrior inside, even when the worrier speaks the loudest.


To the man who taught me that there's no ailment laughter can't cure.

The man who taught me everything I know about rock and roll.

The man who taught me to be respectful and professional.

The man who taught me to fearlessly and relentlessly stand up for myself.

The man who taught me to know my self-worth and settle for nothing less.

The man who taught me to consider how my actions affect others.

The man who taught me to weigh my options and play devil's advocate before forming an opinion.

The man who encouraged his children to work hard to achieve their dreams.

The man who helps me see the warrior inside, even when the worrier speaks the loudest.

The man who loves my mom.

The man unafraid to leave room for new growth.

The man who sat through my college graduation ceremony even though he threw out his back and could hardly walk.

The most woke man I know, my dad.

For all that and more, thank you.

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Hannah Sundell

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Dear Mom, I Hope You Know

I hope you know that I am here for you--until the very end.

Dear Mom,

I hope you know that I appreciate you.

You are the hardest working woman I know, continuously putting your family before yourself. Thank you for doing all of the tedious jobs that no one wants to do like keeping the house in order, cooking the food, and doing the laundry. Thank you for constantly putting up with my siblings and I. Thank you for always supporting us in our interests and hobbies. Thank you for investing in our daily lives and listening to our minor problems. Thank you for always loving us unconditionally.

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I hope you know I'm sorry.

I know I can be a big pain in the butt sometimes, and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for yelling at you, arguing with you, not listening to you, and making dumb decisions at times, but thank you for loving me anyways. Thank you for helping me stand back up, teaching me right from wrong, and pushing me to be the very best version of me.

I hope you know your love inspires me.

You live your life with a love that is contagious. Whether its nurturing love, tough love, friendly love, or romantic love, you have it all and you show it daily. The love you and Dad share is something I hope to find one day and the love you have for your family is evident in the way you constantly put us first.

I hope you know that you are my biggest role model and hero.

Ever since I was a little girl, you have been the person I have looked to in my life. You are strong, independent, confident, loving, supportive, and nurturing-- everything I strive to be as a woman and as a future mother. You give the best advice, even when I don't always take it. Though, I should know better by now because mothers always know best. Without you in my life, I honestly don't know where I'd be.

I hope you know that you are my best friend.

Not only are you my biggest cheerleader supporting me in everything I do, you are the person I talk to about everything, whether it's good or bad. I'm honestly so thankful for the relationship we share because I've had countless screwups and you literally give the best advice. Seriously, thank you for being the person I can count on at all times, at any time of the day or even night to just talk with. I mean we really do have some of the best conversations, best laughs, best cries (when needed), and the most fun watching cheesy chick flicks together or going on crazy shopping adventures.

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I hope you know that I am here for you--until the very end.

I don't mean to make you cry or anything -- even though you probably already are, but I want you to know that when the time comes, I'm going to be there for you just like all of these years you've been here for me. I will be there to support you, talk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, and love you for all of my life.

Honestly, I can't really imagine my life without you -- but it doesn't matter because I wouldn't be here without you, so here's to you.

Thank you for being you.

Love you lots!

Your daughter.

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To The Greatest Man In My Life

I want you to know I wouldn't change a thing about our relationship and how we've grown and bonded.


Dear Father,

We have quite the history old man, a whole 18 years worth. You've been many things to me. Growing up you were my Spider-man and my Batman always protecting your secret identity and unable to provide the proof I asked for.

Over the years we've made so many memories. Many of them involving the collection of as many 'Dave and Busters' tickets as we possibly could have. Spending hours playing the Deal or No Deal game always saying No Deal until we had to accept the final deal. Going on our spontaneous adventures to a million different places.

Remember when we went to the white water rafting center and you fell out of the raft trying to save the other guy who was with us in the raft? You ended up floating all the way down the river with all of our lost oars in your hands. I remember watching the 'Giants' play on Sundays while putting Tiki, the best dog in the world, in a 'Giants' jersey.

Just as we've had our good times, we've had our bad ones. We've had many more ups than we've had downs though. I look forward to every second I get to spend with you. No matter what we end up doing, I always have a great time. We could sleep till 2 pm and watch movies all day and I wouldn't trade the time spent with you for the world.

I know you regret not being in my life more. I know you regret missing my school award ceremonies and my cheer-leading competitions. I know you wish you had taken more time off work when I came to visit. I know you wish you could change many things about the past.

I want you to know I wouldn't change a thing about our relationship and how we've grown and bonded. We have a very intricate relationship full of so much trust and loyalty and I wouldn't want to change that for the world. We can't change the past, I don't believe there's a reason to focus on what you can't change.

We have quite the roller coaster ahead of us but I'm sticking with you till the very end. You are my person, my rock, my inspiration, and my world.

It's me and you against the world, always and forever. Don't ever forget that I love you more than life itself.

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