Why Latin Clubs Are Better

A recent initiate into the club scene, I’ve found myself enjoying the much classier upgrade from frat parties – but not just any club. If you’re looking for even more fun, festive experience from your night on the town, there really is no match to a Latin club. Here are five reasons why Latin clubs > regular clubs.

1. Better music.

This might come down to personal taste, but everyone I’ve met – from hip-hop to country fans – has found the dance-inducing sound of Latin music to be infectious. Forget mindless rap lyrics or EDM beats – there’s something about Spanish songs that just makes you want to move.

2. Fun atmosphere.

No matter if you’re riding solo, a couple, or just a group of girls going out for the night, there’s never a dull or uncomfortable moment. Everyone is on the dance floor to get their groove on and have fun.

3. The bachata.

If you’ve never danced bachata, you must. Even for a rather uncoordinated person, it’s fun and completely possible to learn. Another plus about Latin clubs? Chances are your dance partner will be a f-i-n-e dancer.

4. Everyone looks uh-mazing.

Yes, people typically put in a lil more effort for a night out, but when you walk into a Latin club, you’ll be amazed by the number of stilettos, winged eyeliner, and sparkling skirts. Even the guys go all-out with the cologne, button-ups, and leather jackets. If you ever need an excuse to dress up, a Latin club is the perfect one!

5. You’ll always go back.

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