Latest ICICI cricket news for men and women
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Latest ICICI cricket news for men and women

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Latest ICICI cricket news for men and women

wo-time World Cup-winning director Ricky Ponting has revealed the two social events he thinks will show up at the remainder of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup in Australia soon and which one he needs to win the honor.Ponting has seen a ton of T20 cricket of late, with the past Australia chief having contributed energy as an assistant of the Australian social event under Justin Langer, been lead mentor of Delhi Capitals in the IPL all through the past five years and commentating on Big Bash League matches.

Having seen and researched the best players from around the world extremely close he has now shared his points of view on the approaching T20 World Cup with have Sanjana Ganesan on the latest episode of The ICC Review.
Who wins the pursued award?

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While Ponting surrenders some karma ought to win a massive ICC prize, the 47-year-old was strong in the social events he recognized were no doubt going to taste progress in Australia.

Cricket State : सबसे ज्यादा रन बनाने वाली महिला खिलाड़ी

"I figure India and Australia will be the two playing in the last and I will just have to say that Australia will beat them in the last," Ponting conveyed.
"The reigning champions have home conditions and that was one thing that made Australia's outcome in the last World Cup, not dumbfounding, yet that touch better for them.
"The way that a different gathering, me included, thought when they went to UAE, the conditions that they should look on the back of the IPL, I decided the conditions could have most likely will not have allowed them to win it.
"In any case, they found a way."

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