The Last Two Weeks Of The Semester For Design Majors, Explained Through .GIFs

The Last Two Weeks Of The Semester For Design Majors, Explained Through .GIFs

A humorous take on a not so humorous time.


It's that time of year again, the last two weeks of the semester, and the most dreaded time for design majors. If you are friends with one, be prepared to not see them for the new couple of weeks because they will be buried under a mountain of work. Even though we question our sanity and why we picked this major during this time, we do love it, and we wouldn't want to do anything else. We just have to keep a good perspective and have a little humor about the pain because if we're are not laughing, we're crying.

So, here is a humorous explanation of what the last two weeks are like for us for those of you who may be wondering why it's so bad.

When You Realize There are Only Two Weeks Left in the Semester


If you are not careful those last to weeks of the the semester can sneak up on you real quick. You are riding along, thinking everything is fine, and then, BAM, there they are. Even though, you've probably known about your final assignments for a few weeks now, you've probably haven't started them yet because you thought to yourself, "I have plenty of time to get them all done." Until you don't.

Realizing You Have a Project Due in All of Your Classes 


A full load in college is considered to be 15 credit hours or five classes, and chances are if you are majoring in a design discipline, every one of your classes probably has a final project that has to be turned in instead of a test. Usually, these are due the last week of classes, but sometimes, if you are lucky, the professor sets the due date for finals week. Which ever week it is, however, it is going to be miserable and stressful trying to get them all done.

It's Midnight the Night Before and You Still Don't Have the Project Done


Because you waited until the last minute to finish your projects, you now have to face the the consequences and stay up all night finishing them. There comes a point around midnight due to being tired that you begin to pretend that everything is fine, and you are not on the verge of having a mental break down.

 What You Look Like in the Morning


After working all night to finish your project, the results in the morning are not pretty. You've only had two hours of sleep, you may or may not have taken a bath, and you're not even sure if you brushed your teeth or not. You look like you've been drug behind a horse for ten miles and hit every rock, tree, and horse pile along the way, but you finally have a project worth turning in.

Presenting your Project


If a teacher gives you a project, chances are, they will make you present it to the class too. An assignment is one thing, but a presentation is a whole different monster. More often than not, something goes wrong, you forget what you were going to say, or you realized you messed up something on your project. On top of that, you have to be ready to be critiqued in front of everyone and be able to take criticism not just from your professor, but from your peers as well, which can be a nerve-wracking thing.

Relieved You Survived the Last Week of Classes Because Finals Week is Your Easy Week


Even if you have a project due finals week, it is still the easiest week of the semester because having one assignment due is a lot less stressful than having four or five due. On top of that, if most or all of your classes were design classes, you probably only have one final test or none at all. That means you get an extra week of break, kudos to you.

Sleeping for the Next Two Weeks


After running on an average of about three hours of sleep a night for the past two weeks, you deserve a nap, and you plan on it being a long one.

Realizing You Only Have Two Weeks Before You Start Summer Classes


Most design majors are required to take classes during the summer. This is the only time these classes are offered, so there is no escaping them. Just when you think you are done with classes for a little while, you remember that you have to do two mini-semester classes over the summer, and everybody knows that mini-semesters are even worse than regular semesters.

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Cover Image Credit: Juliarose Genuardi

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