The Las Vegas mass shooting, which had the largest amount of casualties, that occurred a few weeks ago has definitely had an impact on America. Now many people are being flustered with a plethora of emotions but for me, I am both angry and sad that I've become so numb to these events.

It happens so much that it's becoming a norm. There have been over 20 major mass shootings in the past two years and the same acts follow and it's becoming like a cycle and nothing big has really changed. Now this mass shooting was a horrible event and I send my condolences and prayers to all affected, but there are bigger repeating themes that must be tackled here.

First, media, especially Fox News, isn't labeling this man a terrorist or anything with a negative connotation and is simply calling him "an old man with a clean background." However, if it was a man with colored skin, whether he be Muslim, black, or Hispanic, they have a better chance of being labeled terrorist, thug, criminal or anything along these lines.

Second, gun control is a huge problem that assessed and these senators that are allowing the mentally ill to carry guns, along with trying to enact a law that permits silencers, need to be reevaluated. This has happened too much and this cycle of shocked, sad, thoughts/prayers, and then speeches about talking about unity and holding back the talk on guns for later.

Three pieces, 1 post, and 2 videos, really had strong commentary on this shooting and all the themes with it.

The first piece is a facebook post by a Muslim author, activist and public figure called Yasir Qadhi who comments on White Privilege by saying:

Do you know what #whiteprivilege is?
It is to murder over 50 people and injure 450, only to have authorities claim, within minutes and without any verification, that you are not a terrorist.
It is to commit the largest mass murder and shooting in recent American history, and be described as a 'retired grandfather'.
It is to inflict pain and suffering on others, and not have to worry that a single person of your race, or religion, or your women and children, face any backlash for your crime.
It is to kill (or rape, or loot, or plunder, or colonize...) and get away with it without bringing up irrelevant issues like religion, Scripture, culture, theology or ideology. As of this writing, we still have no idea of the religion and beliefs of the killer.
It is, essentially, to consider any such incident to be a freak accident, and let life continue without changing any policies, or calling for national dialogues about laws on immigration, tolerance of others, gun ownership, cultural differences (such as dress codes), and the list goes on and on.
PS. This post in no way intends to trivialize the tragic loss of life. My sincerest condolences to the families of the victims in this horrible tragedy.

The second comes from late night host Trevor Noah from "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah." In this, he responds to Fox's coverage on the topic and it's honestly sad.

This last one may cause a few tears. It's always hard to see such a bright comedian get sad and down to earth but events like these bring it up. In this video, Jimmy Kimmel covers the event, tackles gun laws, and goes after certain senators.