Las Vegas NHL Team Finds A Training Facility and Operations Headquarters

Las Vegas NHL Team Finds A Training Facility and Operations Headquarters

The NHL team's training facility will be in Downtown Summerlin.

The future Las Vegas National Hockey League team has found a location for its training facility and operations headquarters: Summerlin.

The franchise signed a 20-year lease for the property in Downtown Summerlin near Griffith Peak Drive and Pavilion Center Drive.

The team owner Bill Foley and main investor in the property wants the facility to be built and completed by mid-August next year , prior to the start of the 2017 season. The cost of the facility is around $24 million.

Las Vegas’ unnamed team will be playing their games at the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip but will have practices and train in Summerlin.

There are also plans for this facility to form a bond with its new community. Foley wants to have a youth hockey program within the facility as it will have a two rinks in the facility, which is also perfect for those that enjoy ice skating or hockey. Building it in Summerlin is prime as it will be surrounded by numerous housing communities.

It provides a center location for the Summerlin community to visit and witness the development of Las Vegas' first national sports team. Downtown Summerlin is still a new shopping plaza, engulfed by all sorts of shops and restaurants. The combination will increase the business and attention to the site.

Hopefully, the facility will also provide a minor-league affiliate with the Las Vegas team. In the National Hockey League, all current 30 teams have an affiliation agreement with the American Hockey League (AHL).The AHL serves as a development league for certain NHL players to play in particular AHL teams. The AHL has 27 teams, two of which are in Canada.

As Las Vegas' first and brand new sports team, the big questions fans are asking is when will they confirm the team’s name and logo? What will be this Las Vegas team’s colors?

Foley confirmed a name has been picked and is in the negotiations with Adidas to manufacture and design their jerseys.

The progress with the team is improving but still needs to overcome certain obstacles. Besides the team name and jersey design, the business side of the sports team is still searching for a president for the business of operations; this is who will control the facility and the market for the team.

So far, Las Vegas' NHL team is on the move and already has a general manager, a sports arena and ticket holders. It has been announced there have been deposits of 16,000 season tickets so far.

Cover Image Credit: Ben Foley by AP Photo/John Locher

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What It's Like To Be A Boston Sports Fan In 2019

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Anyone who's grown up in a New England diehard family has heard all the stories. Our parents and grandparents experience championship droughts as long as sixteen years and even eighty-six between World Series Championships. And yet, they still put on their jerseys, bought their tickets and showed up to root their teams on and pray for a miracle. The miracle came in 2004 when the Red Sox finally "reversed the curse" and defeated the St.Louis Cardinals to bring a title back to the city that had longed for one, for so long.

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