Your Guide To Laptop Stickers

Your Guide To Laptop Stickers

Show off your personality with minimal effort and maximum style.

In the midst of midterms, it's all too easy to let the stress control your life. You can't really be yourself when the number of espresso shots drank in one day is inversely proportional to the number of hours slept in one night. In this zombie-like state, floating from lecture to library and directly to bed, every ounce of humanness and uniqueness in you needs to shine more than ever. And the easiest way to show your personality, without even needing to crack a smile at the other sad students around you, is to decorate your laptop and water bottle with personalized stickers. On, they're cheap, well-made, and always on sale (buy 5, get them all 50% off!). Even better, since they're designed by website members, there are myriad designs to suit your every need. Here are some ideas to get your laptop/sticker scrapbook started.

Band stickers

As you can see on my own laptop (above), I have band stickers from five of my favorite artists: the Black Keys, Explosions in the Sky, Ben Howard, the xx, and Death Cab for Cutie. Additionally, on my water bottle (not pictured) I display Led Zeppelin and Childish Gambino stickers.

TV show stickers

You like the Office? There are stickers for that. You like Parks and Rec? There are stickers for that. You like Friends? There are stickers for that, too. Don't let yourself be limited - a laptop sticker with an inside joke from your favorite show is a great icebreaker at the library, cafe, or in class.

Movie stickers

On that note, you might want to display your favorite movie to the world - an equally good, if not better, conversation starter as television shows.

Hometown pride

On my laptop, I mark my new home that I've made in California, but I proudly show off my New Jersey roots on my water bottle. There are stickers from Redbubble for all 50 states, but I got my Calif sticker from the brand Never Elsewhere for free!

Your university

Although Redbubble has plenty of universities represented on the site, your school's bookstores or local artists are sure to be selling stickers, too! On my laptop I have a sticker designed by a Cal alum, shown above and below.

Organizations you're a part of

Free (well, cheap) advertising for your club! Some organizations, like fraternities and sororities, may provide you with their own (see my laptop - my ZTA sticker!), but other organizations are shown on sites like Redbubble.

Events you've attended / Places you've been

On my laptop, you'll see that I display a sticker from Gov Ball, a music festival in New York City; on the Berkeley campus, it's really common to see Coachella stickers. Feel free to show off your favorite place in the whole world, may it be the beach, the mountains, or a city. Certain businesses, like cafes or tattoo parlors, have stickers by the cash register for your taking (or purchase)!

Your major / Your field of study

A club on campus dedicated to my major, Molecular and Cellular Biology, sells stickers that I have happily purchased for my computer. But you can also find stickers related to your academic or research interests.

Cool designs

Some stickers are just pretty! Get out there and express yourself. If you're looking to support a local artist (instead of Redbubble), these are much more common. On my laptop, I have four Chevron-style stripes that were meant for my bike, but I thought looked nice on my laptop.

Other stuff you like

Show off your favorite actors, your favorite animals, your favorite chemicals (I had caffeine on my laptop until just last week!), or even your favorite foods - or even some combination of these, as shown below. The options are really almost limitless. Get creative and enjoy your form of self expression!

Cover Image Credit: Zoe Temple

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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Technology -- we all love it and we all use it, but how is it affecting us?

In this day and age, it is near impossible to do anything without the use of technology. You can pay your bills, manage your bank accounts and even chat with a customer service representative all with the use of your smartphone.

Is the use of technology starting to take away from our person-to-person interaction? Think about how often you grab your smartphone or tablet and text your friends instead of picking up the phone to call them or, better yet, making plans to hang out in person.

Technology is supposed to make us feel more connected by allowing us to stay in touch with our friends by using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter and of course, texting. But are our smartphones getting in the way of socializing? Does technology make us feel more alone?

There is a term that is commonly used, "FOMO" –– short for "fear of missing out." Yes, this is a real thing. If for some crazy reason you don't check your Twitter or Facebook news feed every 10 minutes are you really missing out?

The fact that we have become so dependent on knowing exactly what is going on in other people's lives is sad. We should be focusing on our own lives and our own interactions and relationships with people.

Technology is making us more alone because instead of interacting with our friends in person, we are dependent on using our phones or tablets. We start to compare ourselves and our lives to others because of how many likes we get on our Instagram photos.

We are forgetting how to use our basic communication skills because we aren't interacting with each other, anymore. We are too busy with our noses in our phones. Young kids are dependent on a tablet to keep them entertained rather than playing with toys. That is not how I want my children to grow up.

As a society, we will start to become very lonely people if we don't start making changes. We are ruining personal relationships because of the addiction to our smartphones and checking our social media sites every five minutes.

It's time for us to own our mistakes and start to change. Next time you reach for your phone, stop yourself. When you are with your friends, ignore your phone and enjoy the company of your loved ones around you.

Technology is a great thing, but it is also going to be the thing that tears us apart as a society if we don't make changes on how dependent we are on it.

Cover Image Credit: NewsOK

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If You Post These 16 Things On Social Media, Can You Just Not?

The rest of the world doesn't care, I'm sorry.


Honestly, we all have that one friend that posts every single detail of their life on social media. Whether it's good, bad, ugly or even straight up disgusting. To be honest we've all done it, but it needs to stop at some point, I'm saying if you're no longer a teenager yo need to cut the sh*t. Not every little thing needs to be shared with the world. So let me help you out, here's 16 things you should absolutely never post on your social media pages, and if you already do, please do everyone a favor and STOP!!

1. Your sex detail and in general.


Honestly I don't care how many times you and your significant other had sex last night, or where you did it. Thanks but no f******* thanks.

2. Anything about your bodily fluids.


Seriously no one cares how much you puked or about your heavy flow.

3. Pictures of you attacking your baes face.


We're not 12 so we all know what goes on in a relationship.

4. Pictures of you in bed with your bae.


Once again we know what you just did, you don't need to show us.

5. A pregnancy the second you find out about it.


Congratulations, but make it out of the "safe zone" first. But super happy for you.

6. Screenshots of your beef with somebody.


You're making it worse for yourself and making yourself look dumb. Nobody thinks immaturity is funny anymore.

7. Screenshots of you and your baes conversations.


Cool, they said something sweet to you. Wow, guess what, I get messages like that too but I don't post it.

8. Duplicates of the same pictures over and over.


Cool, you wanna share it again a while after you post it, fine. You want to share it 50+ times in a month and a half, NO!!

9. Details about your "special" events.


Okay so get this, Iowkey crashed a wedding with my mom because we saw every single detail about it online. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Mind you we didn't lowkey crash it once, but we did it twice, and I have picture proof of it too...and no one even saw us.

10. You complaining about the same thing over and over again.


It isn't going to bring awareness to anything. Example me quitting my job and letting everyone know about the crazy sh*t that goes in that store, there was a reason but if there isn't a reason, DON"T POST IT. Okay McDonald's forgot your ranch dressing once out the 359782358 times you been there....,did you die though?!

11. Speaking of work, we don't care when or how long your shifts are.


Go to work, clock in, do your job and then clock out.

12. Anything racist, sexist...actually anything considered bullying.


This might be consider bullying to some people but I'm doing this with good intentions, not to make somebody feel like crap on purpose.

13. Political rants/opinions that are just going to cause drama.


If you can agree to disagree and not come at the person you don't like a mature way, STOP. Also, if you aren't registered to vote, I don't want to hear it, your opinion doesn't matter since you didn't act on it.

14. Your location 25/8.


Why does everyone always need to know exactly where you are? We aren't your mom. Post about it alter.

15. People, especially children and babies, or animals being physically abused.


Spreading violence isn't okay at all.

16. A picture or video of any person or animal that is no longer living.


My friend was telling me about a person that he knew who made a public post of a baby that she lost pre-mature, she dressed her up and everything. Very sad to see and my heart goes out to her but why? (and this wasn't a post with a longer story behind it either, it just said the baby name and how much she weighed.)

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