Your Guide To Laptop Stickers

Your Guide To Laptop Stickers

Show off your personality with minimal effort and maximum style.

In the midst of midterms, it's all too easy to let the stress control your life. You can't really be yourself when the number of espresso shots drank in one day is inversely proportional to the number of hours slept in one night. In this zombie-like state, floating from lecture to library and directly to bed, every ounce of humanness and uniqueness in you needs to shine more than ever. And the easiest way to show your personality, without even needing to crack a smile at the other sad students around you, is to decorate your laptop and water bottle with personalized stickers. On, they're cheap, well-made, and always on sale (buy 5, get them all 50% off!). Even better, since they're designed by website members, there are myriad designs to suit your every need. Here are some ideas to get your laptop/sticker scrapbook started.

Band stickers

As you can see on my own laptop (above), I have band stickers from five of my favorite artists: the Black Keys, Explosions in the Sky, Ben Howard, the xx, and Death Cab for Cutie. Additionally, on my water bottle (not pictured) I display Led Zeppelin and Childish Gambino stickers.

TV show stickers

You like the Office? There are stickers for that. You like Parks and Rec? There are stickers for that. You like Friends? There are stickers for that, too. Don't let yourself be limited - a laptop sticker with an inside joke from your favorite show is a great icebreaker at the library, cafe, or in class.

Movie stickers

On that note, you might want to display your favorite movie to the world - an equally good, if not better, conversation starter as television shows.

Hometown pride

On my laptop, I mark my new home that I've made in California, but I proudly show off my New Jersey roots on my water bottle. There are stickers from Redbubble for all 50 states, but I got my Calif sticker from the brand Never Elsewhere for free!

Your university

Although Redbubble has plenty of universities represented on the site, your school's bookstores or local artists are sure to be selling stickers, too! On my laptop I have a sticker designed by a Cal alum, shown above and below.

Organizations you're a part of

Free (well, cheap) advertising for your club! Some organizations, like fraternities and sororities, may provide you with their own (see my laptop - my ZTA sticker!), but other organizations are shown on sites like Redbubble.

Events you've attended / Places you've been

On my laptop, you'll see that I display a sticker from Gov Ball, a music festival in New York City; on the Berkeley campus, it's really common to see Coachella stickers. Feel free to show off your favorite place in the whole world, may it be the beach, the mountains, or a city. Certain businesses, like cafes or tattoo parlors, have stickers by the cash register for your taking (or purchase)!

Your major / Your field of study

A club on campus dedicated to my major, Molecular and Cellular Biology, sells stickers that I have happily purchased for my computer. But you can also find stickers related to your academic or research interests.

Cool designs

Some stickers are just pretty! Get out there and express yourself. If you're looking to support a local artist (instead of Redbubble), these are much more common. On my laptop, I have four Chevron-style stripes that were meant for my bike, but I thought looked nice on my laptop.

Other stuff you like

Show off your favorite actors, your favorite animals, your favorite chemicals (I had caffeine on my laptop until just last week!), or even your favorite foods - or even some combination of these, as shown below. The options are really almost limitless. Get creative and enjoy your form of self expression!

Cover Image Credit: Zoe Temple

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Omg thanks for responding so quickly...oh, wait.

We all have that friend. That friend we love to death, but if we are sure of anything in this world, it’s that they will not respond to your text because they suck at texting. That moment when you see “Read 1:04 p.m.” and you’re like “and???? Helloooooooo!”

These are 25 responses for that dear friend.

1. Lol thanks for tagging me in that FB post, now text me tf back.

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3. Hey I’m coming to help you since you obviously broke your thumbs and can’t respond.

4. Lolol thanks for responding. I’ll just continue the conversation with myself. That’s cool.

5. Good chat.

6. Yeah I wouldn’t know how to respond either, pizza topping selection is a thought-provoking process. Take your time. Meditate on it.

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9. That was a yes or no question. This isn’t difficult. You wouldn’t do well with ‘Sophie’s Choice.’

10. Omg, did you pass out from the excitement of getting a text from me? Totally understandable. Text me when you regain consciousness, love.

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Feel Free To Speak Your Opinion, But Don't Get Pissed When Others Do The Same

You can't expect others to respect your opinion if you can't do the same.


Our society is built on opinions. Think about it. Most of what we say is opinion-based in some way, shape or form. Voicing our views is easier than ever thanks to social media platforms and technology as a whole. Sometimes, though, this platform does way more harm than good.

Posting your opinion online, whether it's about politics, a new movie or some viral controversy, is all fun and games until someone comments their own opinion and it just happens to differ from yours. You would think that the person who originally started the conversation would be interested in engaging with others. After all, they did initiate the thread. Most of the time, though, this isn't the case. Just by simply stating your perspective, you're subjecting yourself to criticism—of your character, your looks, your gender, your education level, everything. Sometimes, it doesn't even remotely relate to whatever you were talking about in the first place. They'll use whatever ammunition they have against you, as if it somehow justifies their argument (which it never does, in case you were wondering).

People get so caught up in being right that they forget there's other people out there who may not agree with everything you have to say. And that's okay. We all grew up differently. We all process information differently. We all experience things differently. All of these (and plenty more) are what shape our opinions about the world around us. Attacking one another for your difference in opinion isn't going to magically make them see your perspective. if anything, they're less likely to consider your point of view.

Ask yourself: Is it really worth your energy to engage in a childish feud in your Facebook comments? Is your opinion sooooooo important that you find the need to verbally abuse someone for doing the exact same thing you were doing in the first place? The answer is no. So what if you tweet about how Kanye West's new album is pure genius, and someone tweets you back and says you're crazy. They may not feel the lyrics the way you do, or maybe they're more of an A$AP Rocky kind of person. Their opinion isn't causing you any harm, so who cares? You got to share your opinion; now they're just doing the same. Accept it and move along with your day.

Forget your opinion; you reveal more about who you are when you choose to continuously participate in making rude comments towards people who just don't think like you do. And when all is said and done, no one reading along is going to remember what you were fighting about in the first place. All they're going to think about is how immature and idiotic you looked. We have enough hate in this world already, there's no need to be apart of it.

So the next time you're typing out a tweet or a Facebook post, make sure you're prepared to get comments that may not match up with yours. If you can't respect another person's point of view, then you probably shouldn't be using social media in the first place.

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